Meet Stormy Brown, Huskies superfan

Lisa Hailey

Stormy Brown, 33, a 2008 graduate of Pawhuska High School, is perhaps the biggest Pawhuska Huskies fan you'll ever meet. I know this because I'm a big Huskies' fan too, and I'm his mother.

Stormy was born in November of 1988. He was delayed in some of his milestones and, to make a long story short, was misdiagnosed at an early age.  A few years later, after getting him to better doctors, he was properly diagnosed as being high functioning Autistic. Autism isn’t something to be scared of, or ashamed of. And it doesn’t define him. He is his very own person!

Stormy walks, talks, rides a bike, and can sight-read some words. Stormy has the biggest heart of anyone you could ever meet. His heart gets broken a lot because he loves everyone, and when that caring and compassion isn’t returned he gets hurt. One of the traits of Autism is he gets “stuck” on things. One example of that is he asks everyone he meets for their email address. And he asks them every time he sees them. He doesn’t mean any harm by it, and he gets so very excited when he gets an email message. He loves getting emails because he loves people.

As I related earlier, Stormy is the biggest Huskies fan you'll ever come across. He says “His Boys” are going to “put a whuppin' on 'em, ain’t they?” Every week. And every day he asks what Huskies' Head Coach Matt Hennesy is doing today. He loves him some Coach Hennessy and Tara Malaske. And his boys are unbeatable.

Stormy's favorite food is fajitas and, if given the choice, I think he would eat them every day. He doesn’t play any computer games except football. Even in the off-season he only wants to watch football. Grannie is a Dallas Cowboys fan and he loves to tease her and tell her playfully that Dallas is going down and going to lose. He always has a smile on his face and he loves meeting and talking to people, and typically one of the first questions he asks is, “What football team do ya like?”

Another thing he likes is riding in parades. We try to always have a church float in the Christmas parade because he has so much fun riding and waving at people, yelling "Merry Christmas!" as we go along. Stormy also loves getting regular mail -- cards or letters, just anything he can get in the mail he loves. 

Another thing Stormy does is, in the spring and sometimes during the fall, as a community project he gathers Gatorade and water for the Pawhuska Fire Department. They work hard and need that for when their system gets depleted during those times they spend hours firefighting. Also during the holiday season, Stormy helps bake and deliver seasonal treats to the EMS, Fire Department and Police Department. 

Stormy loves Pawhuska and is a friend to all who will let him be a friend!