Strat Tolson retires from Pawhuska Educational Trust


Strat Tolson, longtime board member and one of the original founders of the Pawhuska Educational Trust, retired from the trust board effective June 21.

In 1971, Tolson and nine other business and educational professionals, including Dr. Richard Loy, C.G. Arnold, Edmund Kennedy, Robert Kelly, Dr. Fred Harper, Oren Terrill, Clay Hudson, Mathew Kane and Harry Benson met to establish the trust, which awards scholarships to recent Pawhuska High School graduates and alumni.

The trust has grown from a modest initial sum to its current balance that allowed $50,000 to be given to 42 combined PHS grads in 2021. Only trust interest and earnings are used for the scholarships. This approach was a founding standard of that first group and has guided the trust board during its existence.

Tolson was named a board member in 1985. He said he always thought this was one of the finest boards in Osage County, and he was always proud of its mission helping young people to continue their education. Having the fund principal stay intact for future generations was particularly important him.

Upon accepting Tolson’s resignation, the trustees voted to honor him as a “Director Emeritus” of the Pawhuska Educational Trust Board.

The current members of the board are Criss Blackwood, Jim Wilson, Charlie Wadsworth, Lance Tolson, Gary Strahan, Tim Drummond, Mark Short and Pam Carpenter.