Jones-Big Eagle Ranch painting available for viewing

This painting, by Donna Jones Flood, of the Jones-Big Eagle Ranch is available for viewing at Lorec Ranch Home Furnishings in downtown Pawhuska.

Donna Jones Flood has her painting of the Jones-Big Eagle Ranch on exhibit at Lorec Ranch Home Furnishings in Pawhuska.

History of the painting: Joseph Hubbard Jones mortgaged his farm at Ralston for $30,000. He used the money to build the Jones-Big Eagle Ranch for his two sons, Lee and Dennis Jones. Bertha Big Eagle, Dennis’s Osage wife, bought the adjoining Strike Axe Ranch for her brother-in-law, Lee. In turn, Lee powered Dennis’ home with electricity generated by wind power. As well, Lee used dynamite to blast through limestone, creating a well with an unending supply of water.

Earlier in life, Lee and Dennis’ father, Joseph, made a living by “witching” and drilling wells as he did at the ranch. With the unending water, the Jones-Big Eagle Ranch also had a washing machine and indoor plumbing when most did not. It also had a small Charlie McCarthy radio to bring news of the war.

Velma Pensoneau, Lee’s wife and Bertha Big Eagle were friends, both educated in Catholic schools. With all the amenities for clean living, Velma and Bertha also cooked alongside Bellzona, Joseph’s wife.

The cattle from the ranch were moved by rail from Foraker by the Doodlebug Train to soldiers during the war effort. Its lonely whistle could be heard at night as it crossed over the trestle on Sunflower Lane down from the Jones’s. The brand on their Hereford cattle was LD.

History of the artist, Donna Flood: "Over the years I have studied with many well-known successful artists in workshops. One of the most successful was a portrait artist, John Howard Sandin out of the Art Students League, New York City. His portraits were commissioned for $30,000 in 1983. He does portraits for rulers, owners of mega-companies, and beautiful people of all nations. Having exhibited over the years, it is still my wish to continue with these efforts since I have witnessed the benefit and uplifting of human consciousness when presented with an artist's efforts. This is a partial record of 50 years of exhibiting my work to the public."

Donna has exhibited through the years at numerous locations in Oklahoma, Texas and elsewhere.