Bruce Malone seeks election to Ward 2 council seat


Hi, my name is Bruce Malone. I am running for Pawhuska City Council, Ward 2 position.

I would like to give you some information about myself and to let you know why I am running for City Council. I am a father of four, grandfather of four and a great-grandfather of five. I retired in 2012 from a large water district in California that encompassed five cities, with over 1,800 miles of sewer line in the ground and 270,000 water services. After retiring from Eastern Municipal Water District, I started a small vending company that I ran for four years. While visiting Pawhuska in 2015 we decided that we would move here to be closer to our two boys who lived in Tulsa at the time. Also, my sister lives here and has for about 20 years. We noticed that the Laundromat needed a lot of love and help so we purchased it and did a complete retool because the community needed it.

I immediately joined Pawhuska Lions. I was a member until the club shut down. I currently am a member of Kiwanis club and Pawhuska Elks Lodge. Also, I am past president of the Pawhuska Merchants Association.

The reason that I am running for council is that I see things not getting done. For example, the downtown beatification project plans were drawn up and they started by replacing a water line in front of the Mercantile, then stopped. Another project was the Lake Pawhuska dam project that was supposed to start back when Larry Eulert was interim city manager. Where did that go? A lot of the people I talk to would like to see a change in the way the city is run. I am running to see if I can be that change. I would like to see more public comments in City Council meetings, actually putting a time on the agenda for non-agenda items and allowing the public to speak and bring concerns and ideas to the council.

I do want to make one thing clear in regard to an article that was printed in this paper from Rodger Milleson about don’t let Steve Holcombe win. Although I am grateful for Steve Holcombe’s support, I am not running to bring Steve’s agenda to the council. I am my own person. I own a business here in town that serves the need of the people of Pawhuska. We own rental property in town, supplying housing for families in town and building a second bed-and-bath to serve the tourists that come to Pawhuska generating tax dollars for the city.

I am asking for your vote on Feb. 9. For the people that would like to see some change in how the city is represented, you cannot keep voting in the same people.