Assessor's Office launches new website with more resources

Robert Smith
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Osage County Assessor Ed Quinton Jr. is excited that he's now able to offer county residents a stand-alone website ( for his office, packed with resources and links.

The launch of the website was publicly announced Sept. 28.

Quinton, who is in his second year as assessor, previously updated the online presence of the Assessor's Office at That updated presence allowed users to gain access to additional information, and to link to the office's Facebook page to get questions answered. The update cut down on the number of trips to Pawhuska, and phone calls to the office, for property owners who needed assistance.

The new website offers greater flexibility and even more resources to users, and the Assessor's Office can quickly make any changes needed to improve the quality of service.

"We have the right to change anything on," Quinton said, adding that he has offered access to just about every form and resource he could think of to offer. "Anything you can think of -- all the forms are available online."

You can link from the new Assessor's Office website to web presences for other county offices, you can view real estate records online for free, and you can use aerial mapping of various county locations for free. The website not only allows users to conduct a wide variety of searches, it also provides guidance on how to search.

"All of the main destinations in Osage County are marked on this map," Quinton said. "It's an aerial Google Earth map that they don't have to pay for."

The images currently available are vintage 2019-2020 (about 10 months old or newer), but Quinton anticipates an upcoming flyover in a few months (during the winter) that should yield fresh images.

Quinton said he plans to add a tax calculator function to the new website, so that users can calculate taxes on property they already own, as well as on property they might like to acquire.

Quinton said he reminds county residents that location remains the key to understanding property value and potential tax liability --- "Location, location, location is key on what you'll pay in taxes."

However, his office, as the new website reminds users, works to establish property values, but does not set tax rates or collect taxes.

The website also provides a step-by-step information sheet for persons wishing to apply for or renew an Ag Permit from the state. You can submit your application from the assessor's new website. You get a confirmation number and the state mails out your permit.