U.S. Military History, Sept. 6-19

Compiled by Charles O'Leary

Sept. 6, 1953 [Korean War]: The last American and Korean prisoners of war are exchanged, marking the final official act of the Korean War.

Sept. 7, 1943 [World War II]: Composed of Hispanic Americans, U.S. Army Company E, 141st Regiment, 36th Infantry Division is among the first U.S. combat divisions at Salerno, Italy [Along with Oklahoma’s 45th Infantry Division].

Sept. 8, 1943 [World War II]: Italy surrenders to the Allies [But the German Army in Italy keeps on fighting].

Sept. 9, 1942 [World War II]: A Japanese floatplane drops an incendiary bomb in a forest near Brookings, Oregon; there are no casualties.

Sept. 10, 1943 [World War II]: German troops abandon Sardinia for Corsica.

Sept. 11, 2001: Terrorists attack New York’s World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon with commercial airliners. Thus began the longest wars in American history with Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, both elements of the Global War on Terrorism.

Sept. 12, 1918 [World War I]: The Saint-Mihiel campaign is the first major World War I operation led by an American force [This was the first battle using tanks in support of infantry and was led by Lt. Col. George S. Patton, who would go on to become a Lieutenant General and 3rd Army Commander in WWII].

Sept. 13, [Korean War]: The first Battle of Heartbreak Ridge begins.

Sept. 14, 1944 [World War II]: Operation Stalemate is launched when the 1st Marine Division lands on the island of Peleliu.

Sept. 14, 1943 [World War II]: 509th Parachute Infantry Brigade combat jump over Avellino, Italy, in Operation AVALANCHE; 640 troops dropped.

Sept. 15, 1950 [Korean War]: U.S. Marines land at Inchon, South Korea, launching a major counteroffensive against invading North Korean forces.

Sept. 16, 1944 [World War II]: The Octagon Conference concludes. The United States and Britain pledge that after defeating Germany they will work together to vanquish Japan.

Sept. 16, 1945 [World War II]: 17th Airborne Division disbanded, Camp Myles Standish, MA.

Sept. 17, 1944 [World War II]: Operation Market Garden is launched, with paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to speed the Allied advance into the Netherlands. The 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions combat jump into Holland; 14,019 troops dropped.

Sept. 18, 1945 [World War II]: Gen. Douglas MacArthur moves his command headquarters to Tokyo.

Sept. 18, 1947 [Cold War]: United States Air Force established; previously the Air Force was known as the Army Air Corps.

Sept. 18, 1944 [World War II]: PFC Jo Mann, H/502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions in Holland [posthumously].

Sept. 19. 1979: The third Friday in September is designated to honor U.S. POWs who have returned and MIAs who remain unaccounted for.

[From “Forever a Soldier”, the Library of Congress Veterans History Project]

Artists at War: “It took great daring for a GI, with half his face disfigured, to approach me and ask what I was going to do about him. Posing him with his good side facing me, I was able to sketch what his face would look like after rehabilitation was complete. This opened up a stream of eager, brave, sad men. This was probably the best work I ever did. Now they could have pictures sent to their loved ones that were positive. They could let relatives see that they would eventually be whole again.”  --Mimi Korach Lesser, USO sketch artist.

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