Pawhuska Public Schools acknowledges school supply partners

Pawhuska Journal-Capital

This is the second school year that Pawhuska Public Schools has announced that its partners in education, Johnson-O'Malley (JOM) and the Pawhuska First United Methodist Church, have joined together to support the purchase of school supplies for PK-12 students.

The Osage Nation's Johnson-O'Malley (JOM) Program, provides school supplies each year for the students enrolled in the JOM Program. For the past few years, JOM donated funds towards the school supplies of the Native American children who are enrolled in Pawhuska Public Schools in collaboration with the Pawhuska First Methodist Church. This year their donation was in the amount of $6,630.30. The Native American population of Pawhuska Public Schools at the end of the FY 20 school year was 318 students representing 22 Native American Nations.

Pawhuska First United Methodist Church accepts donations, under the direction of Linda Boone, from the community, including other faith congregations, to also support the purchase of school supplies. This year the donation from their collection was $5,000.

The Pawhuska School District supplied the remaining funds of approximately $4,000 so that all 716 students enrolled in PK-12 would have school supplies provided for them. Supplies were delivered to the classroom and teachers distributed them to students as needed. Our virtual students will also have supplies provided that correspond with the grade or class that they are enrolled in.