U.S. Military History, Aug. 16-22

Compiled by Charles O’Leary

Aug. 16. 1945 [World War II]: U.S. Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright is rescued from a Japanese POW camp in Mukden, Manchuria. He had been captured by the Japanese at the surrender at Corrigador in the Philippine Islands at the beginning of World War II.

Aug. 17, 1944 [World War II]: U.S. and British forces capture the French towns of Orleans and Chartres.

Aug. 18, 1918 [World War I]: The Oisne-Aisne campaign opens, as American forces work with the French army to capture the key junction at Juvigny.

Aug. 19, 1944 [World War II]: The French Resistance leads the Paris uprising against Nazi occupiers

Aug. 20, 1968 [Cold War]: The Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia, crushing the Prague Spring uprising.

Aug. 21, 1945 [World War II]: President Harry S. Truman ends the Lend-Lease Act, which had supported Allied countries.

Aug. 22, 1934: Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War, is born in Trenton, N.J.

August 22, 1943 [World War II]: 101st Airborne Division departs Ft. Bragg, N.C. for point of embarkation and eventual D-Day jump over Normandy.

[From “Forever a Soldier”, the Library of Congress Veterans History Project]

“Immediately after the Japanese were removed, MacArthur climbed up the ruined staircase. I photographed him in his old office, now wrecked from artillery shells and fires. He took a bayonet and scraped open one of the seams between the stones on the wall. After a moment he retrieved a small vial. He put the vial in his pocked but did not reveal the contents. We all speculated it contained poison to use in case he was taken prisoner by the Japanese when they occupied Manila in 1942. –Charles Restifo, U.S. Army photographer, describing U.S. forces retaking Manila in January, 1945.

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