U.S. Military History, Aug. 9-15

Compiled by Charles O’Leary

Aug. 9, 1943 [World War II]: An American B-29 Superfortress drops an atomic bomb over the city of Nagaski, Japan. Japan surrenders a few days later, saving hundreds of thousands of American lives which would likely have been lost attacking the Japanese homeland.

Aug. 10, 1949: The National Security Act of 1947, combining the Departments of Navy and War, is amended to name the new entity the Department of Defense.

Aug. 11, 1945 [World War II]: The London Agreement is signed, establishing the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Aug. 12, 1918 [World War I]: Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels approves the acceptance of women into the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps [Women in the Navy used to be called WAVES, which stood for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service]. The first women Marines were accepted in 1918. In 1943, the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve was established.

Aug. 13, 1961 [Cold War]: The border between East Berlin and West Berlin is closed and the barriers are built, forming the Berlin Wall.

Aug. 13, 1943 [World War II]: 13th Airborne Division activated Camp Mackall, N.C.

Aug. 14, 1845: The U.S. Naval Academy is established at Annapolis, Maryland, on the former site of Fort Severn [Go Squids!].

Aug. 15, 1945 [World War II]: V-J Day. Japan informally surrenders, effectively ending World War II [Many Japanese soldiers in remote postings would continue fighting, unaware or unwilling to believe that the Emperor of Japan had surrendered].

Aug. 15, 1944 [World War II]: 509th PIB, 517th PIR, 551st PIB combat jump Le Muy, France, Operation DRAGOON, 5,607 troops jumped.

August 1990: U.S. forces have begun the troop buildup known as Operation Desert Shield, which leads to the Persian Gulf War in January and February of 1991.

“A good memory was when we were in our vehicles in convoy. There were plenty of Kurdish children that were starving and we got to feed quite a few of them some MREs [Meals Ready to Eat]. I enjoyed doing that.” –Joanne Palella, U.S. Army truck driver.

[From “Forever a Soldier,” the Library of Congress Veterans History Project]

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