U.S. Military History, July 26-Aug. 1

Compiled by Charles O’Leary

By Charles O’Leary

July 26, 1948: President Harry S. Truman orders the desegregation of the U.S. military.

July 27, 1953 [Korean War]: An armistice agreement is signed, ending open hostilities between North and South Korea and their respective allies.

July 28, 1914 [World War I]: The Austrian Imperial Army attacks Serbia, igniting combat in World War I.

July 29, 1949 [Cold War]: The Berlin Airlift, brought on by a Soviet blockade, ends 11 weeks after the blockade is lifted. [Former Hominy Mayor Jim Hopkins was a U.S. Air Force pilot who flew C-53 re-supply aircraft to Berlin during that time.]

July 30, 1942 [World War II]: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the act creating Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service [WAVES], allowing women to service in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

July 31, 1991: The U.S. Senate votes to allow women to fly combat missions.

Aug. 1, 1907: The U.S. Army Signal Corps establishes an aeronautical division to oversee “ballooning, air machines, and all kindred subjects” [They even had “lawyer-speak” back then! 100 years later, no one can understand it still!].

Aug. 1, 1945 [World War II]: 101st Airborne Division ordered from Germany to France to train for assault on Japan [Fortunately, the war ended a few weeks later, after dropping the atomic bomb on Japan and they didn’t have to go.].

[From “Forever a Soldier”, the Library of Congress Veterans History Project]

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