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EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with crimes are innocent until they plead guilty, or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918- 287-7366.


Accused of stalking estranged wife

NAME: Chad Edward Smith

AGE: 44


CHARGES: Stalking, in violation of court order (six counts); plan/conspire/or endeavor to perform an act of violence; reckless driving; threatening to perform an act of violence; malicious injury to property, less than $1,000 (two counts); domestic abuse — assault and battery; possession of a controlled dangerous substance; and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: The Osage County District Court reportedly issued an emergency protective order Feb. 11, 2020, ordering Chad Edward Smith to stay away from his estranged wife and two minor children. The order reportedly was served on Smith on Feb. 12. On Feb. 23, the day prior to a scheduled court hearing in regard to the protective order, Smith reportedly accosted his wife on State Highway 18 and motioned for her to follow him. Smith’s wife reportedly reminded him about the protective order and said that if he wanted to speak to her, he would have to do so at the Fairfax Police Department. The woman, who had her children with her, reportedly had to drive through a road ditch to get away from the defendant. The defendant pleaded not guilty in a hearing May 21 in Osage County District Court. His next court date is scheduled for July 24.

Warrant issued in incident involving firearm

NAME: Darryl Alan Burkhead

AGE: 58


CHARGES: Feloniously pointing a firearm; and assault

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Don Laxson on Jan. 21 responded to a possible assault at a residence on West Oak Street, near Skiatook. A witness reportedly said Burkhead took a swing at a man named Robert Wells, who “grabbed Burkhead’s arm and set him down on the ground.” Burkhead reportedly then went in his home and retrieved a pistol and pointed it at four people. Burkhead reportedly told the four individuals to get off the property.

Wells reportedly said he was trying to get another person’s truck unstuck when Burkhead “came out into the road and tried to hit him.” Wells reportedly said he grabbed Burkhead’s arm, pulled Burkhead to his chest, then placed him on the ground. Wells, also, said that Burkhead went in the house and got a handgun and came back and told everyone to get off the property.

Burkhead reportedly denied taking a swing at Wells, and said Wells attacked him. Burkhead reportedly said he went and got a pistol “because he wasn’t going to get jumped again.”

Based on what he learned in his investigation, Deputy Laxson concluded Burkhead had assaulted Wells and engaged in “reckless conduct” with a firearm.

An arrest warrant was issued June 19 in Osage County District Court for the arrest of Burkhead.

Alleged protective order violation

NAME: Zachary James Stribling

AGE: 34


CHARGE: Protective order violation’

DETAILS: Deputy Corby Sorrells, on March 10, 2020, responded to a report of a protective order violation in the 3600 block of West Munson Road, in the Skiatook area. Deputy Sorrells learned that Zachary James Stribling’s ex-wife, who claimed to have a valid protective order against him, said Stribling came to her place of employment in Collinsville. The woman told Collinsville police, who reportedly said Stribling had not violated the order, and who reportedly referred her to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Sorrells met with the reporting party and viewed messages that Stribling reportedly had sent to her. Sorrells also reportedly viewed a copy of the woman’s protective order, which had been issued in March 2017 and is valid until March 2022. An arrest warrant was issued for Stribling on June 19 in Osage County District Court.

Reportedly not living at address he gave

NAME: Cody Samuel Carlile

AGE: 33 or 34


CHARGE: Failure to comply with sex offender registration

DETAILS: Osage County investigator Terry York on March 11, 2020, performed a compliance check to make sure a convicted sex offender named Cody Samuel Carlile was, in fact, living at the address where he said he was living when he registered as a sex offender. York talked with a woman who was living at the address and she told him that Carlile had not lived there since November 2019, and that he was not allowed at that address. An arrest warrant was issued for Carlile on June 19, 2020, in Osage County District Court.