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Bryan Camren Jr.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with crimes are innocent until they plead guilty, or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918- 287-7366.


Reportedly mixed whiskey and root beer for the baby

NAME: Tory Michael Nathaniel Reece

AGE: 19


CHARGE: Child abuse

NAME: Shelby Marie Reece

AGE: 21


CHARGE: Child abuse

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Martin Meek was disptached the night of March 9 to the 300 block of Hunting Bow Loop, in the town of Osage, to assist an Oklahoma Department of Human Services child welfare specialist with a welfare check on a one-year-old male child. Shelby Marie Reece reportedly told the child welfare specialist that she had asked her husband, Tory Reece, to mix some liquor with root beer to give to the baby because he was “unusually fussy” and would not go tosleep. Tory Reece reportedly said he mixed some Irish whiskey with root beer and handed it to his wife to give to the baby. The court entered not guilty pleas for the Reeces on May 18, and the defendants have a July 23 court date scheduled.

Accused of giving the wrong name

NAME: Bryan Kenneth Camren Jr.

AGE: 24


CHARGE: Falsely personating another to create liability

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Brett Barnett performed a traffic stop shortly after 11 p.m. March 13 in the McCord area of the county on a white pickup truck. During the traffic stop, Deputy Barnett reportedly spoke with, and asked for identification from, a male front-seat passenger in the pickup who was later identified as Bryan Kenneth Camren Jr. The passenger reportedly said he did not have his wallet with him, and Barnett asked Deputy Samantha Cornett to obtain the passenger’s name and date of birth. The passenger reportedly gave his name to Deputy Cornett as Jacop Cameron. During a subseqent search, Deputy Barnett reportedly discovered a wallet in the passenger’s trousers, containing an Oklahoma ID card bearing the name Bryan Kenneth Camren Jr. The passenger reportedly said he had warrants and did not want to go to jail. Barnett did a records check and reportedly learned that Camren had a warrant out of Kay County for alleged failure to pay, and that he was on a 10-year deferred sentence arrangement. During a March 16 video hearing, the Osage County District Court entered a not guilty plea for Camren. His next court date is scheduled for July 30.

Accused of assaulting, threatening mother, stepfather

NAME: Brandon Lee York

AGE: 45

RESIDENCE: Sand Springs

CHARGES: Domestic abuse — assault and battery (two counts); kidnapping; malicious injury to property over $1,000; and threatening to perform an act of violence

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Rex Wikel received word on the evening of March 21 regarding a physical altercation in the 1400 block of North Willow Creek Drive in Sand Springs. Brandon Lee York’s mother reportedly told Wikel that York had assaulted her and her husband, who is the suspect’s stepfather. York’s mother also reportedly said her son had confined her, and her husband, in a bathroom to which they had retreated to get away from him. York’s mother reportedly told Deputy Wikel that her son had threatened to kill her and her husband. In a March 23 video hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for the defendant. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 10.

Accused of assaulting his sister

NAME: Cherokee Lee Miller

AGE: 26


CHARGE: Domestic abuse — assault and battery

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Rex Wikel, about 12:18 a.m. March 21, learned of a physical altercation the 2200 block of West 103rd Street, Sperry. When he arrived at the scene where the altercation had taken place, Wikel reportedly received information regarding Cherokee Lee Miller allegedly assaulting his sister. Wikel noted in a case affidavit that Miller’s sister showed him an arm injury she reportedly had sustained during the conflict. Wikel added in his affidavit that Miller denied hurting his sister, and claimed that she had pushed him first. Wikel also said in his affidavit that he learned Miller’s sister had a valid protective order against him. In a March 23 video hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Miller. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 24.

Confusion about shoes leads to confrontation

NAME: Cody Lane Teel

AGE: 19


CHARGES: Assault and battery with a deadly weapon; assault, battery, or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; and attempted kidnapping

DETAILS: On Monday, March 30, Osage County deputy Corby Sorrells was dispatched in response to an assault call in the 4100 block of Ecker Lane, Tulsa. Deputy Sorrells was informed that a man had reportedly been beaten, and that someone had shot at and robbed him. After talking with the alleged victim, Deputy Sorrells called for an ambulance so that the man could receive medical attention. The alleged victim reportedly described a conversation that he had with a male subject identified as Cody Lane Teel, in which Teel allegedly fired a rifle at two of his vehicle tires to keep him from driving away from the spot where they were talking. The victim told the deputy that Teel used the butt of a rifle to strike him multiple times on the left side of his face, and that Teel threatened to kill him. Deputy Sorrells contacted Teel, read him his Miranda rights and conducted an interview with him. In that interview, Teel reportedly expressed concern that the man he allegedly threatened might have been trying to steal from him. Teel reportedly said he had taken some tools from the man because he thought the man had been stealing from him. Teel reportedly expressed particular concern about a shoe or pair of shoes. Deputy Sorrells also interviewed Teel’s girlfriend. Investigators Steve Talburt and Robert Testerman joined Deputy Sorrells in responding to the incident. The alleged victim claimed to have found a shoe not far from the residence where he encountered Teel. He reportedly placed that shoe in the bed of his pickup. Teel reportedly was concerned that a shoe or shoes might have been stolen from him. Investigators Talburt and Testerman reportedly told Deputy Sorrells that a second shoe had been located nearby and it appeared to have dog saliva on it. In a June 3 hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Teel. His next court date is scheduled for July 9.