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EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with felonies and misdemeanors are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at 918-287-7366.


Big, open bottle of rum

NAME: Timmothy Robert Carse

AGE: 47

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGES: Actual physical control of vehicle while under the influence; and transporting an open container of alcoholic beverage while under the influence

DETAILS: According to a case affidavit filed by Osage County deputy sheriff Rex Wikel, Hominy police officer Brandon Western found Timmothy Robert Carse inside his vehicle Jan. 15 near the junction of Highway 99 and County Road 5270. Officer Western attempted to persuade Carse to get out of his vehicle, but Carse reportedly would not get out. Officer Western reportedly took hold of Carse’s left arm to remove him from the vehicle, but Carse reportedly held onto the steering wheel. After several attempts to remove Carse from the vehicle, he reportedly fell out of the vehicle and onto the ground. As officers dealt with Carse, they reportedly observed that he had a very strong odor about his breath and person of an alcohlic beverage, his speech was thick and slurred, and his movements were sluggish and uncoordinated. Carse reportedly admitted having consumed an alcoholic beverage. His vehicle was a 2013 Chevrolet pickup, which reportedly was parked on County Road 5270. Officers reportedly found a large, opened bottle of rum in the truck. Carse’s criminal record reportedly showed a prior conviction for DUI in Craig County. In a Jan. 17 hearing in Osage County District Court, Carse pleaded notguilty and his bail was set at $3,000.

‘I felt like I was good to drive this time’

NAME: Samual Keith Bradley

AGE: 26


CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; failure to wear a seat belt; driving while the privilege is revoked; failure to maintain insurance or security; and defective vehicle

DETAILS: State Trooper Romulus Gregory on Nov. 1, 2019, was investigating a collision in the Burbank area of Osage County, when he was notified of a rollover collision with property damage. Gregory was informed the driver of the wrecked vehicle and a passenger had possibly been ejected and injured. Gregory responded to the scene of the new collision, which took place on County Road 1575, about six-tenths of a mile south of County Road 1200. While en route to the scene, Gregory was notified the driver and passenger had been transported by Hominy EMS to St. John Hospital, Tulsa. At the scene, Gregory found a heavily damged white Chevrolet pickup. Gregory investigated the crash and determined the white Chevy pickup had been southbound on County Road 1575 when it failed to negotiate a curve to the left because it was going too fast. Gregory determined the pickup left the road and impacted a barbed-wire fence and then hit a large tree. The driver and passenger were ejected. Trooper Gregory then went to St. John Hospital, where he made contact with the driver, identified as Samual Keith Bradley. Gregory reportedly recognized Bradley from a 2017 collision investigation, which resulted in an arrest by Gregory. Bradley reportedly said that, if he had to guess, he would say he had been doing 55-60 miles per hour, but he usually doesn’t know how fast the truck is moving because the speedometer doesn’t work. Bradley reportedly said that he and his passenger were not wearing their seat belts and were ejected. Gregory asked how much alcoholic beverage Bradley had consumed and the defendant reportedly said, “I’ve had eight or nine beers and two shots. I felt like I was good to drive this time.” Bradley also reportedly said he had smoked a joint earlier, and that he did not have a state-issued medical marijuana patient card. Trooper Gregory noted that Bradley had suffered a large laceration to the back of his head and would require stitches, and was thus not a good candidate for field-sobriety testing. Gregory did administer a portable breath test, and Bradley consented to have blood drawn. A warrant for Bradley’s arrest was issued Jan. 17 in Osage County District Court.

Burglary of pickup at casino

NAME: Tasha Marie Titsworth

AGE: 32


CHARGE: Third-degree burglary

DETAILS: Osage Nation police officer Patrick Luey Jr., about 4:15 a.m. Oct. 1, 2019, was dispatched to the Osage Casino on West 36th Street in Tulsa in regard to a report of a window having been broken on a guest’s vehicle. Officer Luey reviewed surveillance footage that reportedly showed Titsworth walking to a rock garden near a pickup truck and then appearing to hit the driver’s side window. The video footage also reportedly showed Titsworth taking an item from inside the truck and leaving with it. The item was later identified as a purse. An arrest warrant was issued for Titsworth on Jan. 21, 2020, in Osage County District Court.

Property taken from storage building in Avant

NAME: Stephen Dale Ferguson

AGE: 43

RESIDENCE: Avant/Ponca City (Officer affidavit said Avant, court record said Ponca City)

CHARGE: Second-degree burglary

NAME: Charles Daniel Chaney

AGE: 39

RESIDENCE: Nowata/Skiatook (Officer affidavit said Nowata, court record said Skiatook)

CHARGE: Second-degree burglary

DETAILS: Osage County deputies investigated the burglary last fall of a storage building in Avant. The owner of the building reported that locks had been cut off the building’s doors and property that was secured inside had been stolen. The stolen property included a mower, a chipper/shredder, a three-piece tool box, a 10-inch table saw, a green wagon pull cart and a yellow wagon pull cart. During the course of their investigation, deputies found at another Avant address several items stolen from the reporting party. Charles Daniel Chaney reportedly confirmed that he had taken property from the storage building, saying he thought it was abandoned property. Chaney reportedly also admitted he knew the items were not his, and he knew that he had no permission to take them. Chaney reportedly gave officers the items that had been taken, so they could be returned to their rightful owner. Stephen Dale Ferguson allegedly removed from the same storage building a reciprocating saw, a yellow cart and some magazines (reading material, not firearms accessories). An arrest warrant was issued Feb. 21 in Osage County District Court for Ferguson. In a Jan. 22 hearing, the court entered a not guilty plea for Chaney. A further court date for Chaney was scheduled for Jan. 30.

Police intercept possible prison drop package

NAME: Michael Eugene Jackson

AGE: 43


CHARGE: Unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute

NAME: Christina Michelle Ketchum

AGE: 31


CHARGE: Unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute

DETAILS: About 11:48 p.m. Jan. 14, Hominy police officer Joseph T. Antle observed a white Jeep Patriot headed west on Highway 20. The vehicle failed to make a complete stop at the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 99, instead making a wide sweeping, improper turn. The Jeep reportedly crossed a double-yellow line into an opposing lane. Officer Antle activated his emergency lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop. The Jeep came to a stop on Highway 99, just north of Cotton Gin Road. Jackson, who was driving the Jeep, reportedly said he did not have his driver’s license with him because he left it in his truck at home. The officer did a license check on Jackson through dispatch, and dispatch said Jackson’s driver’s license was suspended out of Georgia. Officer Antle requested that another Hominy officer, Brandon Western, come to the scene of the traffic stop. Officer Western and an Osage County deputy sheriff both came to the scene. Officer Antle asked dispatch to send the next available wrecker to come get the Jeep. Officer Antle had determined that neither Jackson nor his passenger, Christina Michelle Ketchum, had a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle. Officer Antle had Jackson and Ketchum lean against the front bumper of his patrol car while he conducted a pre-impoundment inventory of the Jeep. During that inventory, Officer Antle reportedly observed a gray-and-black Adidas bag in the rear seat of the Jeep. Officer Antle opend the bag and he reportedly found two 16-ounce bags of smoking tobacco. The officer also reportedly found suspected marijuana, six cell phones with chargers, a set of scales, 16 lighters, and 10 packs of rolling papers. Officer Antle noted in a case affidavit that the packaging of the items was consistent, in his experience, with items intended for dropoff at a prison. The Dick Conner Correctional Center, a state prison, is located at Hominy. Police questioned the two suspects separately. Ketchum reportedly said that Jackson put the Adidas bag in her vehicle and she didn’t know what was in it. Jackson said he didn’t put anything in Ketchum’s vehicle. The suspects also reportedly told differing stories about how they had met and how many times they had seen one another. In a Jan. 21 hearing in Osage County District Court, Ketchum pleaded not guilty. Also Jan. 21, the court entered a not guilty plea for Jackson.

Officer reacted to ‘excessive acceleration’

NAME: Mitchell Ray Matthews

AGE: 40


CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; and driving while the privilege is revoked

DETAILS: Officer Kyle Wilson, of the Osage Nation Police Department, about 10:35 p.m. Jan. 17, conducted a traffic stop on North 52nd West Avenue, south of West 133rd Street North. Officer Wilson reportedly reacted when he heard a vehicle “excessively accelerate from a stop.” Wilson noted in a case affidavit that the vehicle, which was headed west on 133rd Street North, passed him “at an excessive speed.” While Wilson was accelerating to catch up, the suspect vehicle reportedly left the roadway to the right and drove in some grass before the motorist driving it made a correction and returned to his/her westbound lane. When Wilson made contact with the driver, identified as Mitchell Ray Matthews, the suspect reportedly “was speaking very slow and would not look out the driver’s door window at me.” Matthews reportedly had his ball cap pulled down very low, making it difficult for the officer to see his eyes. When asked why he did not have a driver’s license, Matthew reportedly said his license was revoked as a result of a prior charge. Officer Wilson did a records check on Matthews and dispatch told the officer that Matthews had a revoked license and the truck he was driving had an expired registration. Officer Wilson asked Matthews how much of an alcoholic beverage he had consumed, and the suspect reportedly said he’d had two or three Budweiser beers. Matthews reportedly consented to field sobriety testing. Officer Wilson administered field sobriety testing and subsequently arrested Matthews. In a hearing Jan. 22 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Matthews. The court set a status conference for Jan. 30.


Officer clocked the vehicle at 75 in a 65

NAME: Megan Taylor Bohannon

AGE: 19

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGES: Driving while the privilege is suspended; failure to maintain insurance or security; and speeding

DETAILS: Osage County deputy sheriff Kevin Young was eastbound on Highway 60, near County Road 2809, about 1:11 p.m. Jan. 16, when he observed a red, Chevrolet four-door car traveling at what he judged to be a high rate of speed. He clocked the vehicle doing 75 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone and activated the emergency lights on his patrol vehicle to initiate a traffic stop. Deputy Young talked with the motorist, who reportedly said her driver’s license might be suspended due to not having had insurance on her car when she had an accident. The motorist’s male passenger also reportedly said he did not have a driver’s license. Deputy Young did a records check and found that Bohannon’s license was, in fact, suspended and insurance coverage for her vehicle was unconfirmed. Young noted that Bohannon was unable to provide a current insurance verification document. Deputy Young arrested Bohannon. He also arrested her passenger on an outstanding warrant. The vehicle was impounded. In a Jan. 17 hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Bohannon.

Reportedly asleep in back of car

NAME: Richard Benjamin Bay

AGE: 35


CHARGE: Public intoxication/disturbing the peace

DETAILS: Osage County deputy sheriff Brett Barnett on Jan. 17 initiated a traffic stop on a tan-colored Pontiac Grand Prix in the Ponca City area of Osage County. Deputy Barnett requested assistance from Deputy Kristopher Robertson. In a case affidavit, Deputy Robertson said the Pontiac led the officers on a chase that ended at Highway 60 and South 14th Street in Ponca City, when the suspect vehicle went off the road and stopped. The driver of the Pontiac reportedly left the car and ran toward a tree line. Officers found a female passenger in the Pontiac and placed her in handcuffs. They also reportedly found a man identified as Richard Bay asleep in the backseat. When awakened, Bay reportedly had slurred speech and proved unsteady on his feet. Officers arrested Bay and transported him to the Osage County jail. In a hearing Jan. 17 in Osage County District Court, Bay pleaded guilty and was fined $100 and assessed court costs.