U.S. Military History, Jan. 12-18

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Editor’s Note: This item is provided to the Journal-Capital by Post 198 of the American Legion. Post 198 is taking applications for new members.

Jan. 12, 1945 (World War II): U.S. Navy Task Force 38 destroys 41 Japanese ships in the South China Sea.

Jan. 13, 1997: Seven African-American veterans (including six posthumously) receive the Medal of Honor for their actions in World War II.

Jan. 14, 1943 (World War II): The Casablanca Conference begins; it is decided that the Axis powers must surrender unconditionally.

Jan. 15, 1973 (Vietnam War): President Richard Nixon announces a halt to all offensive operations against North Vietnam.

Jan. 16, 1991 (Persian Gulf War): Operation Desert Shield becomes Operation Desert Storm; the U.S.-led coalition begins an air campaign against Iraqi targets.

Jan. 17, 1963 (Cold War): Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev visits the Berlin Wall.

Jan. 17, 1991 (Persian Gulf War): Desert Storm air war begins (Hominy native Air Force Captain Gentner Drummond provides air cover over Baghdad during initial assault on Iraq).

Jan. 18, 1919 (Following World War I): Paris Peace Conference begins.