Fisher: ‘Considerable strides’ made in Reece case

Robert Smith

District Attorney Mike Fisher said last week that, as 2019 came to an end, his office had been working diligently to help ensure an appropriate resolution of one of the longer-standing major cases on the Osage County District Court felony docket — the Reece case.

Jeremy Keith Reece, 35, and Tyler Wayne Reece, 23, remain charged with murder in Osage County District Court in connection with the 2015 death of oilman Rick Holt. The deceased’s remains were found on restricted Indian property.

In a telephone interview last week, Fisher disputed speculation, specifically on social media, that the case has been allowed to languish.

“That is not the case,” he said. “We’re still monitoring that, and are moving toward a resolution.”

Fisher said his office has taken the position that there is concurrent federal and state jurisdiction over the Reece matter. Fisher, who became district attorney at the beginning of 2018, said his office has kept the Reece brothers on the Osage County District Court’s preliminary hearing schedule, so that state prosecutors can move ahead, if necessary.

“We feel like we’ve made considerable strides,” Fisher said regarding the Reece case.

In a separate matter, Fisher said his office is trying to get the prosecution of Dakoda Aaron McCauley, 25, of Barnsdall, to trial in early 2020, despite a complication. McCauley is charged with second-degree murder or, in the alternative, first-degree manslaughter, in the May 2018 stabbing death of a man identified as Frankie Cotto.

The case is scheduled for a motion hearing Jan. 14 and for trial on Feb. 10. Fisher said it has been necessary to make arrangements for a judge to come in from outside the district to hear the case at the trial stage because Associate District Judge Stuart Tate acted as the magistrate at the preliminary stage and can’t preside over the trial.

In another separate major case, Fisher confirmed that the preliminary hearing for Zack Keith Pace, who is charged with first-degree murder/deliberate intent in the death of Heather Neuman, 60, of Fairfax, has been postponed until March 4, 2020, to allow prosecutors and the defense to examine additional evidence discovered in the case.