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EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with felonies and associated misdemeanors are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


‘Let’s just get it over with’

NAME: Richard Alan Ratliff

AGE: 56

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGES: Driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs; possession of a controlled dangerous substance; driving while the privilege is revoked; violation of driver’s license restrictions; and speeding

DETAILS: At about 6:33 p.m. Oct. 18, State Trooper Romulus Gregory was on patrol in the vicinity of 33rd West Avenue and Apache Street, in Osage County, when he observed a black Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck that was headed east on West Apache Street and he clocked it at 53 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Trooper Gregory activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop. The black Silverado reportedly turned south onto Gilcrease Museum Road and stopped. Gregory approached the truck on the driver’s side and noticed the driver’s window was down, and the driver called out, “What did I do?” Trooper Gregory asked the driver for his operator’s license and his insurance information. “I don’t have a license but I got an ID,” the driver reportedly said. The driver, subsequently identified as Richard Alan Ratliff, reportedly gave Gregory an Oklahoma ID Card and two expired insurance verification cards. Trooper Gregory reportedly noticed a smell associated with alcoholic beverages coming from the cab of the Silverado and spotted an unopened can of beer in a center console cup holder. During a conversation with Ratliff, Gregory also reportedly noticed a smell associated with alcoholic beverages coming from Ratliff’s breath and person. When asked how much of any alcoholic beverage he had consumed, Ratliff reportedly said, “One beer.” During a records check, Gregory reportedly learned that Ratliff’s driver’s license was suspended and revoked. The trooper also reportedly learned that Ratliff was not complying with a requirement that he use an ignition interlock device. Gregory made observations about Ratliff’s physical condition that led him to ask the suspect when he last used any illegal drugs. Ratliff reportedly admitted having smoked methamphetamine earlier in the day, and told Trooper Gregory that he was trying to get away from meth use by “self-rehabbing.” With Ratliff’s consent, Gregory administered field-sobriety testing and a portable breath test on which Ratliff reportedly blew .049. Gregory subsequently asked Ratliff if he would take the state’s blood test. Ratliff initially agreed and Gregory was driving him to the Pawhuska Hospital for the test when Ratliff reportedly changed his mind, refused the blood test and said, “Let’s just get it over with and go to the jail.” During an inventory search of Ratliff’s vehicle, Gregory reportedly found a plastic baggie containing what appeared to be marijuana. The baggie was reportedly hidden in the dashboard area, stuffed behind a piece of plastic. Ratliff reportedly said he was not aware of any marijuana in the truck. Ratliff does not have a state-issued medical marijuana license, Gregory noted. In a hearing Oct. 22 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Ratliff and set his bail at $10,000. The court denied a request from Ratliff for a bail reduction. The court has appointed an attorney for Ratliff.

‘Get these spirits off me’

NAME: Larry Don Dunn

AGE: 48

RESIDENCE: Sand Springs

CHARGES: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; malicious injury to property, less than $1,000; disrupt/prevent/or interrupt an emergency telephone call

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Dessie Scullawl was dispatched Sept. 23 regarding a strangulation victim at the Osage Nation Family Violence Prevention Department in Pawhuska. Deputy Scullawl met with the department director, who introduced the deputy to the victim. Deputy Scullawl noticed several small cuts on the victim’s face. The victim reportedly told Scullawl that her boyfriend walked into a room where she was resting in bed and began arguing with her. The woman’s boyfriend reportedly kept saying, “Get these spirits off me.” The boyfriend reportedly got into the bed with the victim and they began wrestling, as she attempted to get away from him. The boyfriend, identified as Larry Don Dunn, reportedly pulled out his pocket knife and began poking her in the face with it, causing the marks that Deputy Scullawl had noticed. During this altercation, Dunn reportedly used one of his hands to strangle the victim. Dunn also reportedly slapped his girlfriend in the face. The victim reportedly told Scullawl that when she got ready to leave the residence where the altercation had occurred, Dunn demanded she give him gas money so he could also leave. The woman reportedly told Dunn that she could not continue to buy his gasoline, but she would give him $20 just to get him to leave. At that point, Dunn reportedly became aggressive again. She shut the driver’s side door of her vehicle and reached for her telephone. Dunn reportedly beat on the driver’s side door window until he broke it, took her telephone away and dragged her out of the vehicle. Inside the residence, Dunn reportedly turned away and the victim was able to use the house phone to call 911. Dunn reportedly terminated the call, but not before a connection had been made to the Osage County emergency dispatch. Dispatch called back and the victim asked for help. Dunn reportedly ran out of the house because he knew law enforcement was on the way. The victim told Deputy Scullawl that she believed Dunn would have killed her if the 911 call had not connected to dispatch. The incident reportedly took place at a home along Water Tower Road in Sand Springs. A warrant was issued Oct. 23 in Osage County District Court for Dunn’s arrest.

Traffic stop yields drug arrests

NAME: Michael Ray Porter

AGE: 29


CHARGES: Unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute; and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

NAME: Brooklyn Cheyenne Cochran

AGE: 23


CHARGES: Unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute; and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Pawhuska Officer Douglas Castleberry was on patrol about 2:51 a.m. Oct. 20, when he pulled behind a silver Jeep on 15th Street with a paper tag bearing the date 8/28/2019. He conducted a traffic stop on the Jeep at 2101 East Main. The driver of the Jeep was identified as Michael Porter and a passenger in the vehicle was identified as Brooklyn Cochran. Two other Pawhuska officers arrived at the scene of the traffic stop and Castleberry noted in a case affidavit that he asked Sgt. Daniel Alden for help getting consent to search the vehicle, because of his experience in dealing with narcotics. Sgt. Alden reportedly obtained oral consent from Porter to search the Jeep. A records check reportedly showed Porter’s driver’s license was suspended and Cochran did not have a driver’s license. Officer Castleberry reportedly found three small, clear plastic baggies in Cochran’s purse. Police additionally confiscated from Cochran a digital scale that had been in her pants and a white pill bottle that had been in her bra, according to a case affidavit. While searching the Jeep, Castleberry reportedly found two syringes in the glove box on the front passenger side, as well as a syringe in the back of the vehicle under some clothing. While waiting for a female officer at the Osage County Jail, but after having been informed of the complaints on which she was being booked, Cochran reportedly said, “I’m tired of getting charged with other people’s (expletive deleted).” In a hearing Oct. 23 in Osage County District Court, Porter pleaded not guilty. In a hearing Oct. 23 for Cochran, prosecutors reportedly agreed to consider Drug Court for her for a trial period.

Nabbed in arranged drug-sale sting

NAME: Gary Lee Guffey

AGE: 53


CHARGE: Distribution of a controlled dangerous substance

DETAILS: About 6 p.m. on Oct. 23, Pawhuska police officers began working with a confidential informant to arrange a narcotics purchase. Gary Lee Guffey reportedly agreed to transport one ounce of methamphetamine to Pawhuska in return for $550. Police reportedly provided the informant with $600 in bills that had been photocopied and logged prior to the drug buy. Police obtained permission from the owner of a house to use that structure for the drug buy, and several officers were reportedly placed in the area beforehand for intelligence and security purposes. The informant reportedly stayed in contact with Guffey, providing him with directions. Guffey reportedly arrived as a passenger in a maroon Dodge pickup driven by another man. Guffey reportedly provided a clear baggie of what he said was 20.8 grams of meth. The baggie was weighed and found to be 20.8 grams in weight. Guffey reportedly said he would accept $500 instead of $550 because the bag was a little bit light. Guffey reportedly exchanged the baggie for $500. A description of the vehicle Guffey was riding in was provided to officers waiting nearby in vehicles, and a traffic stop was performed shortly thereafter on the maroon Dodge. The driver of the truck was reportedly released, while Guffey was taken into custody for questioning. Police reportedly gave Guffey a Miranda warning before the interview. Guffey reportedly told police that he sold meth as a “side job” and usually sold several ounces each week. He reportedly said that he had been selling drugs for about 20 years “off and on.” Guffey reportedly said the driver of the vehicle in which he arrived was not involved in the drug deal and had no prior knowledge of it. He also reportedly refused to cooperate with police by providing information. Guffey reportedly said that “ratting on other people” was not his style. Guffey also reportedly admitted to having been in Pawhuska before, but would not give details about any transactions that might have been conducted. In a hearing Oct. 29 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Guffey and set his bail at $25,000.

Reportedly jerked dog like a yo-yo

NAME: Michael Alan Phillips

AGE: 35


CHARGE: Cruelty to animals

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Don Laxson on Oct. 1 responded to an address in the Osage County portion of the Sperry community in response to a call about Michael Phillips possibly abusing his dog. Witnesses reportedly said they were present when Phillips retrieved his dog from a neighbor’s yard. Witnesses reportedly said Phillps “put a rope around the dog’s midsection and tossed it over his back like a sack.” The dog yelped and Phillips reportedly put it down, but he then reportedly “threw the dog down and then picked it up over his head and slammed it down on the porch four times.” An additional witness, identified as Phillips’ girlfriend, reportedly said the dog went under the porch, so Phillips grabbed the rope that was secured at one end around the dog’s midsection and “jerked the dog back and forth like a yo-yo.” The woman said she went inside because she didn’t like what Phillips was doing. Deputy Laxson talked to Michael Phillips, who reportedly said the dog got out and he caught the dog in a neighbor’s yard. Phillips reportedly told Laxson that he carried the dog back, threw it into his yard and smacked the dog’s lips with a rope to discipline it. Deputy Laxson said the dog had no visible injuries, but based on witness statements he believed there was probable cause for an arrest. A warrant for Phillips’ arrest was issued Oct. 30 in Osage County District Court.

Vehicle had been reported stolen

NAME: Emero A. Weisler

AGE: 42


CHARGE: Unauthorized use of a vehicle

DETAILS: A Tulsa police officer on routine patrol Nov. 3 on West Pine Street did a registration check on a maroon Toyota Sequoia and found it had been reported stolen out of Owasso. Tulsa dispatch confirmed to the officer that the vehicle was reported stolen, and the officer proceeded with a traffic stop once backup arrived. Emero Weisler was reportedly driving the car. He reportedly was read a Miranda warning, declined to comment and was arrested and transported to the Osage County jail in Pawhuska. In a hearing Nov. 6, the court entered a not guilty plea for Weisler and set his bail at $10,000.