Fastrack: It’s the only gas station in town

Robert Smith

BARNSDALL — The Fastrack convenience store and gas station is one of those core businesses of which the town just has one right now. It is the only gas station.

Fastrack is also the only commercial gasoline and diesel operation between Skiatook and Pawhuska, along State Highway 11. Manager Tamie Moody said the pumps remain on 24 hours a day, and you can pay at the pump with a card in the middle of the night, when the convenience store is closed.

Call it essential information for Osage County travelers who sometimes cross the county at odd hours.

“A lot of the large trucks stop in,” Moody said, commenting that truck traffic to and from the Baker-Hughes chemical plant accounts for a lot of fuel sales, and school buses buy fuel at Fastrack, as well.

The convenience store is open at 4:30 a.m. from Monday through Saturday, and at 5 a.m. on Sunday, and stays open until 11 p.m. Typically heavy traffic times for Fastrack include early mornings, lunch, and about 5 p.m., when work ends for some people.

Fastrack sells breakfast food, including biscuits and croissants with combinations of meat, eggs and cheese. It also serves biscuits and gravy. Moody makes the gravy and heats the biscuits. Additionally, Doughnut King, out of Skiatook, delivers doughnuts and sausage rolls, she said.

Other items the store sells a lot of include fried food, packaged snack items, beer and cigarettes. Barnsdall currently has no grocery store, so residents may buy items at stores like Fastrack that they would usually buy in a grocery. Moody notes that you can get Blue Bell Ice Cream at Fastrack.

“Jordan, you’ve got to make sandwiches,” Moody calls out to one of her employees, Jordan Brown, who works Mondays through Fridays. Moody said she was referring to breakfast sandwich type items that needed to be prepared.

“It’s usually pretty steady, except on rainy days,” Moody says of the foot traffic in the store. But customer traffic never slows much — someone always needs fuel or a bite to eat.