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Barrett Eli Bolen

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with felonies and associated misdemeanors are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


Accused of assault with a baseball bat

NAME: Augustus Sioux May

AGE: 20


CHARGES: Assault, battery, or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; and malicious injury to property, less than $1,000

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Anthony Barrett on July 7 responded to a report of an assault and battery at 63 Miller Avenue in the town of Osage. When Deputy Barrett arrived at the location from which the report originated, he talked with Justin Roach, who reportedly had “blood and cuts all over his body.” Barrett noted Roach had a large cut on his right cheek and his right ear was split. Roach reportedly said Lonny Copeland and Augustus May had jumped him at his house and he ran to a friend’s house to get away from them. Roach also reportedly said Copeland and May had broken window and mirror glass on his truck. James Roach, Justin’s father, reportedly said he saw Augustus May use a baseball bat to hit and break off a side mirror on Justin Roach’s truck. Deputy Barrett talked with Lonny Copeland, who reportedly said a female subject came to him and Augustus, crying and saying Justin Roach hit her. Copeland reportedly said Augustus May took a bat with him to Justin Roach’s house, broke out the back window glass of Justin’s truck and also hit Justin in the head with the bat. Copeland reportedly said he hit Justin Roach in the head a couple of times with a fist. Deputy Barrett reportedly talked with Augustus May on the phone, and the deputy said in his case affidavit that May refused to meet in person. Barrett said May initially claimed there was no baseball bat around, but later said he found a bat in the back of Justin’s truck and might have hit him in the head with it when he broke the back glass of the truck. In a hearing Oct. 21 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for May and set his bail in this case at $10,000.

Accused of saddle thieving

NAME: Augustus Sioux May

AGE: 20


CHARGE: Knowingly receiving stolen property

DETAILS: Special Ranger Bart Perrier explained in a case affidavit that May is accused of pawning in Pawhuska a stolen saddle. This saddle was reportedly one of three saddles that May allegedly stole in Payne County. He allegedly pawned the other two saddles at a business in Perkins, Okla. May allegedly stole property in addition to the saddles, but he reportedly told law officers that he threw 6-8 bits and headstalls into the Arkansas River once he realized the bits were custom-made and easily identifiable. In a hearing Oct. 21 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for May and set his bail in this case at $5,000.

Hunting camp burglary

NAME: Josh William Strom

AGE: 40


CHARGE: Knowingly receiving stolen property

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Justin Kling investigated the burglary of a hunting camp in December of 2018. Deputies recovered a backpack and a pair of binoculars that the burglary victim identified as his property. Deputy Kling, in a case affidavit, identified Strom and another man, Johnny Walton, as suspects and described them in the affidavit as “known theives.” In a hearing Oct. 9 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Strom and set his bail in this case at $20,000. In a hearing Oct. 18, the court scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 15.

Accused of domestic assault, death threat

NAME: Barrett Eli Bolen

AGE: 29


CHARGES: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation; kidnapping; threatening an act of violence; and disrupting/preventing/interrupting an emergency telephone call

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Martin Meek on Oct. 8 talked to a woman at a hospital about an assault reported to have taken place the day previous in the Sperry area of Osage County. The assault victim reportedly related to Meek the details of her husband becoming angry with her, detaining her for a period of five hours and repeatedly assaulting her. In a case affidavit, Meek said the victim and her husband are in the process of a divorce and do not live together. The victim told Meek that her husband held her down and choked her. Meek examined the woman’s neck and reportedly found bruising on both sides. Deputy Meek also noted what appeared to be road rash on the victim’s upper-mid back among her injuries. Meek said the victim explained she tried to escape by fleeing her husband’s home and he chased her down in a vehicle and forced her into the vehicle and took her back to the house. The victim reportedly said she attempted to use her phone to call 911, but her husband took the phone and destroyed it. The victim reportedly said her husband told her that he was “just toying with you until I decide to kill you.” The victim also reportedly said her husband, a licensed armed security guard, told her, “If you report this I’ll kill you because it’ll end my career.” Deputy Meek reportedly met with Barrett Eli Bolen, who said he had sustained a bruise and a scratch when his wife “attacked” him. Meek reportedly told Bolen that he had already seen his wife’s injuries. Bolen reportedly lowered his head and said, “Yeah man I went a little overboard.” When Meek asked Bolen how his wife got the injuries on her neck, he reportedly said, “Oh man, she choked herself.” In a hearing Oct. 9 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Bolen and set his bail at $50,000.

Said he went to Pastor Jerry to confess

NAME: Shandale Dane Collins

AGE: 36


CHARGES: Possession of a stolen vehicle; and public intoxication and disturbing the peace

DETAILS: At about 7:33 p.m. Oct. 9, Deputy Johnny Porter received a cell phone call from his Chief Deputy, Loren Vaughn, who related that Skiatook Officer Tony Harper had asked for a deputy to respond to the Osage Oak Church in regard to an individual who was reportedly in a stolen vehicle. On his arrival at the church, Deputy Porter met with Tony Harper and his father, Jerry, who are reportedly ministers at the church. Porter also met with a male subject identified as Shandale Dane Collins. The Harpers pointed out a vehicle, a silver Dodge Stratus, that Collins reportedly drove to the church parking lot. The Harpers reportedly told Porter that Collins had admitted to them the vehicle was stolen and said he wanted to make things right. Porter did a records check and reportedly confirmed the Dodge Stratus was stolen. He spoke with Collins, who reportedly gave a recorded statement in which he described finding an unlocked vehicle in the vicinity of 41st Street South and Peoria Avenue in Tulsa, with the keys in it. Collins reportedly said he stole the car a couple of days previous, and drove in it with some friends to Durant and back. Collins reportedly said he felt bad about what he’d done and wanted to make things right. While talking with Collins, Deputy Porter reportedly noticed the suspect’s movements were erratic and asked him when was the last time he used methamphetamine. Collins reportedly said it was just before he confessed the vehicle theft to Pastor Jerry. In a hearing Oct. 10 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Collins and set his bail at $4,000.

Wallet stolen at casino

NAME: Justin James Young

AGE: 30

RESIDENCE: Cleveland

CHARGES: Grand larceny; and conspiracy

NAME: Jeremy Christian Morris

AGE: 29

RESIDENCE: Cleveland

CHARGE: Conspiracy

DETAILS: Officer William Wilmott, of the Osage Nation police, on July 21 was on duty when he became aware of the possible theft of a wallet from a female guest at the Tulsa Osage Casino. The female guest, who uses a walker to get around, explained how her purse, containing the wallet, was attached to her walker. She also provided details about where in the casino she had been playing and what ATM she had visited. Casino security provided Officer Wilmott with access to surveillance video of what happened to the woman’s wallet. Officer Wilmott watched the video and reportedly observed two men collaborating, with one of them distracting the woman while the other reached into her purse and took her wallet. A players club card that one of the men left behind, as well as surveillance video of a vehicle were used in identifying the suspects. A casino security officer also recognized the suspects as people with whom he had gone to high school. Arrest warrants were issued for Young and Morris on Oct. 10 in Osage County District Court.

‘Friend’ took woman’s car

NAME: Xena Estelle Kiwani Hedges

AGE: 23

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville or Collinsville

CHARGE: Larceny of automobile, aircraft or other motor vehicle

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Kyle Reese, about 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 22, received a call regarding an auto theft in Avant. Deputy Reese spoke with a reporting party identified as Megan Underwood, who reportedly said her friend, Xena Hedges, was staying with her overnight from Sept. 21 to Sept. 22. Underwood reportedly said she went to bed the night of Sept. 21, after parking her car in her driveway in Avant and leaving the keys on her kitchen counter. Underwood said she got up about 7 a.m. Sept. 22 and found her vehicle, a 2005 Chevrolet Impala, was missing. Underwood said she telephoned Hedges, who admitted she took the car and went to the home of another friend for the rest of the night. Deputy Reese contacted Xena Hedges and said she told him she took the car but left it on the side of Highway 11 at County Road 2300 because she feared that Underwood would “cause physical harm to her for taking the vehicle.” Deputy Reese reportedly went to find the Impala but it was not where Hedges said it would be. In a hearing Oct. 21 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Hedges and set her bail at $5,000.

Felony stalking case

NAME: Devin Shea Clemmons

AGE: 28


CHARGES: Stalking in violation of court order (10 counts); and threatening to perform a violent act

DETAILS: Deputy Don Laxson was asked Oct. 7 by the Skiatook Police Department to assist with the investigation of a protective order violation. A woman had reportedly obtained a protective order against her soon-to-be-former husband, Devin Clemmons. The woman had also reportedly obtained a protective order to cover her children. Deputy Laxson said in a case affidavit that he talked with a cousin of the defendant who is also friends with the alleged victim in the case, and the cousin described receiving a telephone call from Devin Clemmons in which he reportedly said of his soon-to-be-former wife, “I’m going to f…ing kill her.” Devin Clemmons reportedly added that he intended to do something to his wife that day. When Deputy Laxon talked with Devin Clemmons, he reportedly denied making any threats. A court document shows that the stalking charges are based on allegations regarding Devin Clemmons reportedly making calls, sending numerous emails and visiting the residence of his wife in violation of court order. In a hearing Oct. 16 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Devin Clemmons.

Items recovered in warrant execution

NAME: Michael Anthony Diaz

AGE: 52


CHARGES: Maintaining place for keeping/selling controlled substance; knowingly receiving stolen property; possession of a controlled dangerous substance; and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: In a case affidavit, Pawhuska Officer William Wade relates that, during the execution of a search warrant at 1506 Claremore Avenue, multiple stolen items — including an iPad belonging to Grand Lake Mental Health — along with items of drug paraphernalia and substances that tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine, were recovered. An arrest warrant was issued Oct. 15 in Osage County District Court for Michael Diaz.