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Ahmed Sammuel Vicchio

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with felonies and associated misdemeanors are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


Wanted for jumping bail

NAME: Paul John Park

AGE: 38


CHARGE: Bail jumping

DETAILS: Travis Q. Foster, an investigator for the Osage County district attorney, informed the Osage County District Court in an affidavit that Paul John Park failed Oct. 12, 2016, to appear for court and thereby forfeited bail in connection with a felony case filed on May 31, 2016. The May 2016 felony case included two charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and one charge of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Park was reportedly released on a recognizance bond on Sept. 15, 2016. An arrest warrant was issued Oct. 1, 2019, for Park on a felony bail jumping charge.

Accused of stealing from grandparent

NAME: Colton Wayne Roach

AGE: 29


CHARGE: Obtaining cash by false pretenses

DETAILS: Skiatook Detective Tony Harper informed the Osage County District Court in an affidavit that an investigation showed Colton Wayne Roach had used Western Union services to fraudulently withdraw funds from the bank account of a grandparent. Roach also allegedly used the victim’s bank account to make payments. An arrest warrant was issued Oct. 3, 2019, in Osage County District Court for Roach. Then, in a hearing Oct. 16, the court entered a not guilty plea for Roach and set his bail at $10,000.

She sent him 29 text messages?

NAME: Donna Hardy McGonigal

AGE: 72


CHARGES: Stalking in violation of court order (four counts)

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Dessie Scullawl, about 11:22 a.m. on July 8, responded to a call regarding an alleged protective order violation. The alleged victim explained to Deputy Scullawl that he had received about 29 text messages from Donna McGonigal in spite of having been told by a judge that a protective order was actively in place. A warrant for Donna McGonigal’s arrest was issued Oct. 3in Osage County District Court.

Whole group of thieves in Pawhuska?

NAME: Ahmed Sammuel Vicchio

AGE: 64


CHARGE: Second-degree burglary

DETAILS: Officer William Wade, of the Pawhuska police, submitted to the Osage County District Court an affidavit requesting that Ahmed Sammuel Vicchio be charged with second-degree burglary based on an informant statement and the recovery of items of allegedly stolen property. In his affidavit, Officer Wade informed the court that Vicchio had made a statement to police, in which he provided information regarding the activities of Pawhuska residents who engage in the theft of property to be sold for cash or traded for drugs. Wade told the court that Vicchio said, “there’s a whole group of young men and women that go around town after hours breaking into abandoned houses and steal anything of value, and also break into houses that people are away from” in search of items to sell for cash or trade for drugs. In a hearing Oct. 4 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Vicchio.

Accused of domestic violence

NAME: Dustin Colby Phillips

AGE: 32


CHARGES: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation; kidnapping; threatening to perform an act of violence; and violation of a pr0tective order (two counts)

DETAILS: Officer Cory Smith, of the Skiatook police, on Jan. 22 took a report of a woman having been assaulted Jan. 7 by her live-in boyfriend of two years. The woman reportedly told Officer Smith that her boyfriend kicked open the bathroom door while she was on the toilet and put his hands around her throat. She reported “blackness in her vision” as well as “seeing stars” as a result of an estimated 3-7 seconds of strangulation. The woman reportedly told Officer Smith that she went in her son’s room and locked the door and attempted to use her cell phone to call 911, but her boyfriend kicked the door open, entered the room and took her phone, denying her a chance to seek assistance. The alleged victim told Officer Smith that her boyfriend told a friend of his to leave their home because he intended to beat her up. Her boyfriend then reportedly locked the front door and the storm door and prevented her from leaving the dwelling. The woman told the officer that she spent about two hours on a floor, having been threatened with violence if she tried to get up. She also reportedly said her boyfriend threatened to “kill her” or to harm her so badly that “no one would ever want her again.” The alleged victim also related to the officer that she received text messages and Facebook messages from Phillips while she had a protective order in place against him. An arrest warrant for Dustin Colby Phillips was issued in Osage County District Court on Oct. 3.

Reportedly agreed to waive extradition

NAME: Andy Chase Russell

AGE: 30


CHARGE: Fugitive from justice

DETAILS: Skiatook police officer Chris Edwards on Oct. 2 came into contact with Andy Chase Russell. Through a records check, Officer Edwards reportedly learned of a “full extradition felony warrant” that had been issued for Russell in Johnson County, Kansas. Officer Edwards arrested Russell and took him to the Skiatook jail and later to the Osage County jail. In a hearing Oct. 18, Russell waived extradition with regard to the Kansas warrant, according to an Osage County (Okla.) District Court record. The matter was set for review on Nov. 22, according to a court record.

Trooper noticed unsafe tires on the Impala

NAME: Terry Lamond Friday

AGE: 43


CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs; driving while the privilege is suspended; failure to maintain insurance or security; failure to pay all taxes due the state; and defective vehicle

DETAILS: State Trooper Romulus Gregory, about 10:49 p.m. on Oct. 3, observed “continuous sparking” coming from the rear, driver’s side tire of a white, Chevrolet Impala that was northbound on the L.L. Tisdale Parkway. Trooper Gregory stopped the vehicle on suspicion it had defective tires. Gregory examined all four tires on the Impala and found they had no tread depth and were unsafe. He noted the rear, driver’s side tire had exposed threads or cords. When Gregory approached the Impala to speak with the driver, he reportedly smelled an “obvious odor” commonly associated with alcoholic beverages. Trooper Gregory asked the driver for his driver’s license and proof of insurance. “I do not have it,” the driver reportedly said. Gregory then asked for identification and the driver of the Impala reportedly began “fumbling through a black briefcase.” As the driver went through the briefcase, Trooper Gregory reportedly noticed a glass smoking device in plain view and asked the driver when he last smoked illegal drugs. The driver of the Impala reportedly said he last smoked methamphetamine about a week previously. Gregory had the motorist exit his vehicle, and then evaluated the driver for signs of possible intoxication. In a hearing Oct. 8 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Friday and set his bail at $5,000.

His third felony case this year

NAME: Justin Allen Lytle

AGE: 30


CHARGES: Assault with a dangerous weapon; and assault and battery (two counts)

DETAILS: Fairfax police officer David Bradley reportedly received word about 11:15 a.m. on Oct. 3 that a woman had called in to say Justin Lytle had broken into her home and assaulted herself and her father. Lytle was reportedly armed with a knife. Officer Bradley described in a case affidavit an interview he conducted with Lloyd Grogan, one of the alleged victims. Grogan reportedly said he was in his living room watching television about 11:10 a.m., when he heard a vehicle pull up at a high rate of speed. Grogan reportedly told Officer Bradley that he got up and walked to the door and opened the screen about six inches to look outside. Grogan said he saw Lytle get out of a maroon Ford Taurus, come up on his property and tell him, “F… you, you Son of a B….” Grogan said Lytle came inside, pushed him down and then stood over him with a knife in his right hand and threatened to kill him. Grogan said his daughter interceded and told Lytle to get out of her house and she was going to call the police. Grogan said Lyle walked out the front door but told them he would be back. Grogan’s daughter, Lacy Combs, reportedly told Officer Bradley that she was on the porch talking to her employer when Lytle pulled up in a maroon Ford Taurus that belonged to his girlfriend and began yelling at her and asking “who Josh Stokes was.” Combs reportedly told Officer Bradley that Lytle forcibly entered her dwelling, that he had a knife in his right hand and threatened to kill her father. She also reportedly said Lytle hit her on the right cheek while she was standing between Lytle and her father. Lytle reportedly said he was going to go to Ponca City “and find this Stokes guy” and that he would be back. In a hearing Oct. 8 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Lytle and set his bail at $5,000, with the condition that he have no contact with the alleged victims. This was Lytle’s third felony case filing of 2019. Court records show he pleaded guilty March 29 to charges of first-degree burglary, as well as domestic assault and battery by strangulation. The court gave him a seven-year sentence on the burglary charge, with all time suspended except the first six months and with credit for time already served. On the domestic assault and battery charge, the court gave Lytle a three-year sentence with all of it suspended. He was placed on state probation, and was on probation when he allegedly committed the acts that reportedly took place on Oct. 3.

Vehicle had five bullet holes

NAME: Matthew John Donahue

AGE: 29


CHARGE: Assault and battery with a deadly weapon

DETAILS: Osage County investigator Steve Talburt, at about 12:42 a.m. on Sept. 25, responded to an incident in the 3900 block of West 36th Street North, in the Osage County portion of the city of Tulsa. Talburt went to the Oklahoma State University Medical Center and spoke with Jayson Burr, the alleged victim. Burr reportedly told Talburt that he had been evicted from a residence at 3968 W. 36th Street North and believed he had access until midnight Sept. 24 to the premises. Talburt learned later that Burr was reportedly supposed to be out of the residence by 5 p.m. Burr reportedly went to 3968 W. 36th Street North about 11:30 p.m. to retrieve his remaining property, including several marijuana plants. Burr said he pushed on the door of the residence and it did not open as usual, so he kicked the door and started to enter. As he started to enter, gunshots reportedly rang out, and Burr said he immediately put up his hands and said, “I am unarmed” and ran back and got into his vehicle. Burr said that as he started backing out, more shots were fired, hitting his vehicle and hitting him in the right side of the head. Burr drove to the OSU Medical Center. When asked if he knew who fired the shots at him, Burr said it was Matthew John Donahue. Investigator Talburt looked at Burr’s vehicle and found five bullet holes in the passenger side. Deputies talked to Matthew John Donahue, who reportedly said he fired 8-9 shots inside the residence, when Burr kicked the door and came in. Donahue reportedly said at first that he did not fire any rounds outside the residence; however, after being questioned multiple times, Donahue reportedly said that he did fire five frounds at Burr’s vehicle as Burr was driving away. An arrest warrant was issued Oct. 8 in Osage County District Court for Matthew John Donahue.