Danny Dwayne Hill

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Domestic assault and battery case

NAME: Danny Dwayne Hill

AGE: 60

RESIDENCE: Barnsdall

CHARGE: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Tom Gilliland, at about 11:10 p.m. on Aug. 22, made contact with Danny Dwayne Hill and arrested him on suspicion of domestic assault and battery by strangulation. Deputy Gilliland said in a case affidavit that Sgt. Shannon Bradford had informed him that he (Bradford) had probable cause for Hill’s arrest. In a report that is also a part of the case affidavit, Bradford says he talked with a woman who identified Hill as her boyfriend and said he “beat her up, tried to strangle her and kicked her in the stomach several times.” The woman reportedly told Sgt. Bradford that she was in a lot of pain. Bradford reportedly observed swelling and abrasions when he looked at her face. The alleged victim reportedly said Hill yanked her out of a chair by the throat, tripped her, got on top of her and continued to choke her. When she “grabbed his groin area and started pulling and twisting it,” Hill reportedly let go of the woman’s throat and began kicking her in the stomach. After several stomach kicks, Hill reportedly started punching the woman in the face/head. In an Aug. 28 hearing in Osage County District Court, the court entered a general denial on behalf of Hill. The court set his bail at $4,000, conditioned on his having no contact with the alleged victim.

Domestic assault and battery case

NAME: Dustin Wayne Roach

AGE: 38


CHARGE: Domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor

DETAILS: Deputy Andrew Minson, at about 1:12 a.m. on Aug. 27, was notified by the Osage County Sheriff’s Office that the Fairfax Police Department was requesting a deputy to take a domestic violence report. The Fairfax Police Department told the Sheriff’s Office that the reporting party in the case was the sister of the Fairfax police officer on duty. The woman reportedly told Deputy Minson that she and her live-in boyfriend, Dustin Roach, had argued earlier. The woman reportedly said that she and Roach have a two-year-old daughter together, and the child lives at their residence. The woman reportedly said the argument turned into a physical fight. She said that she and Roach then went outside, away from the two-year-old. “Once outside, she stated Mr. Roach began to throw her around and yell,” the woman reportedly told Deputy Minson. The reporting party also said she got up off the ground at one point and started to walk away from Roach, toward an intersection. When she got to the middle of the intersection, Roach reportedly “knocked her down, crawled on top of her and slammed her face into the pavement. ” The reporting party further told Deputy Minson that she attempted to leave the house with her daughter, but Roach refused to let her take the child. At one point in a verbal exchange about the child, Roach reportedly said, “If I can’t have her, no one can.” The woman reportedly told Minson that Roach likes to use the child for leverage, to get what he wants. Deputy Minson and a Fairfax officer went to the home that Roach and the reporting party had shared. Minson knocked at the door and called out to Roach to come outside and talk. Roach reportedly did not respond to the deputy’s requests. Eventually, an Osage County/Osage Nation tactical team entered the home and located Roach and the two-year-old child. In a hearing Aug. 28 in Osage County District Court, Roach denied the accusation against him. The court set his bail at $4,000, conditioned on his having no contact with the alleged victim.

Scooter had been reported stolen

NAME: Bret Tyler Bledsoe

AGE: 21


CHARGES: Unauthorized use of a vehicle; eluding/attempting to elude an officer; and failure to obey a traffic control device

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Johnny Porter, at about 9:37 p.m. Aug. 16, noticed a white, mini-bike style scooter fail to stop at the intersection of 36th Street North and Osage Drive. Deputy Porter also noticed there was no license plate displayed on the scooter. Porter turned on his emergency lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop. The rider of the scooter then reportedly passed another vehicle in a no-passing zone and subsequently ran a stop sign. The rider of the scooter reportedly turned several times to look at the patrol car. The scooter eventually crashed when it hit a large curb in a church parking lot. The rider then reportedly fled on foot. Deputy Porter called for assistance from Deputy Grant West, who is a K-9 handler. Deputy Porter also had a look at the scooter and concluded that it was probably stolen. A records check resulted in the discovery that the scooter had, indeed, been reported stolen. Deputy West’s law-enforcement dog located a cell phone that reportedly was signed into Facebook under the name Bret Tyler Bledsoe. On Aug. 28, a felony arrest warrant was issued for Bret Tyler Bledsoe in Osage County District Court. Bledsoe was reportedly on probation at the time of the incident.

Strange incident along Highway 412

NAME: Jay Austin Wills

AGE: 48

RESIDENCE: Forney, Texas

CHARGE: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol

DETAILS: Oklahoma State Trooper Jon Cotner, about 3:29 a.m. on June 29, responded to a report of a two-vehicle collision with possible injuries that had occurred along U.S. 412, about half a mile west of State Highway 151, in Osage County. The trooper reportedly observed a red Dodge pickup and a maroon Ford SUV, both of which had been wrecked. Trooper Cotner investigated the collision scene. While the trooper was investigating, he reportedly observed a man approach the accident scene from the north side of U.S. 412. Cotner observed the man to be having difficulty maintaining his balance. The man, identified as Jay Austin Wills, reportedly told Cotner that he ran out of gas while traveling from Colorado to Tulsa in the maroon Ford SUV. Trooper Cotner reportedly observed Wills to have thick, slurred speech and watery, bloodshot eyes, and to have an odor about his person and breath of an alcoholic beverage. The trooper asked Wills if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages after his vehicle became disabled, and Wills reportedly said he had not. The trooper also asked Wills why he had abandoned the vehicle and was hiding in the woods. Wills reportedly said that two armed men had approached him and threatened him. Wills reportedly said that once he felt threatened, he ran into the woods to await the arrival of law enforcement. Wills reportedly said he initially called 911 when his vehicle ran out of gas. The trooper asked Wills why he didn’t call 911 about the men who reportedly threatened him, and Wills said he was scared. EMSA (ambulance) personnel responded to the scene and told Trooper Cotner they wanted to transport Wills to the St. John Medical Center. Cotner noted that he asked the EMSA personnel if Wills had suffered any injuries requiring medical treatment. The EMSA personnel reportedly said Wills had not suffered such injuries, but they were concerned he could be hallucinating and suffering from severe paranoia. A wrecker service towed Wills’ vehicle and the EMSA crew transported Wills for medical attention. At the hospital, Wills reportedlly consented to allow the trooper to perform a type of field sobriety test on him, but refused the state’s blood test. The trooper also seized Wills’ Texas driver’s license. An arrest warrant was issued Aug. 29 in Osage County District Court for Wills.

Reportedly admitted he meant to drop backpack at prison

NAME: Steve Alfred Bales

AGE: 51


CHARGES: Attempt to bring contraband into a penal institution; and possession of a controlled dangerous substance

DETAILS: Deputy Corby Sorrells, about 1:15 a.m. on Aug. 27, responded to an emergency call regarding suspicious activity at County Road 5251, near the Dick Conner Correctional Facility, not far from Hominy. Dispatch informed Deputy Sorrells that the reporting party said two men in a silver hatchback were possibly trying to do a drop at the prison. Dispatch told Sorrells the hatchback was parked at the intersection of County Road 5251 and County Road 5408. When Deputy Sorrells arrived at the intersection, he observed a white male in jeans, a dark shirt and a hat wearing a black backpack. Sorrells got out of his patrol vehicle and asked the man with the backpack — he was later identified as Steve Alfred Bales — where he was going. Bales reportedly said his vehicle had broken down and he was going to find someone to help him. Deputy Sorrells asked Bales if he had any ID, and Bales reportedly offered the deputy his Oklahoma ID card. Sorrells then asked what Bales had in the backpack and he reportedly said it was tobacco. The deputy asked to look in the backpack to make sure there were no weapons, and Bales reportedly said that would be all right. After looking in the backpack and finding several air-tight tobacco packages, Sorrells told Bales he was being detained until an investigation could be completed. Sorrells asked if anyone was with Bales and he reportedly said there were two more people inside his vehicle. Sorrells talked with Deputy Martin Meek, who reportedly told him the identities of the two people in the car. Meek reportedly added that those two individuals claimed they didn’t know one another, and that they didn’t know Bales. Sorrells went through the backpack, counting up 20 air-tight packages of loose-leaf tobacco, as well as a small bag containing a “brown-like” residue, and some other items. Sorrells subsequently read Bales his Miranda rights and asked if Bales would talk with him about the tobacco. Bales reportedly consented to talk with the deputy. Sorrells asked why Bales was walking toward the prison and Bales reportedly said he intended to drop off the backpack. Sorrells asked Bales why he was going to drop off the backpack at the prison and he reportedly said that he and his girlfriend are homeless and someone offered him $100 to make the drop. Steve added that the person or people paying him wanted him to put cell phones in the bag, as well, but he declined the cell phones. Bales said he was supposed to contact someone to let them know he had dropped off the backpack and then go to the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa to get his $100. Sorrells asked Bales about the two people in the car, and he reportedly said he knew them and they knew he was going to drop off the tobacco near the prison. In a hearing Aug. 30 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a general denial for Bales and set his bail at $5,000. The two people in the car — identified as Susanna Grace Riley, 40, of Tulsa, and Robert Allen Pendry, 53, of Beggs, were also arrested and have been charged with misdemeanors.

Said he doesn’t remember punching the youth

NAME: Charles G. Crawford Sr.

AGE: 77


CHARGE: Child abuse

DETAILS: Following an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Charles G. Crawford Sr. of Hominy has been formally charged with a single count of child abuse in connection with events alleged to have taken place in September 2016, when Crawford was employed as a detention officer at the Osage County Detention Center. Prior to the involvement of the OSBI, the Oklahoma Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) had conducted an investigation. The OSBI obtained investigative materials from the OCA. According to a case affidavit, an OSBI investigator viewed video footage that reportedly showed Crawford punching a male juvenile in the face and then placing him in a headlock. When an OSBI investigator interviewed Crawford in March 2017, Crawford reportedly said he had no memory of punching any juvenile in the face. The investigator allowed Crawford to view the videotape and Crawford reportedly said he couldn’t recall the incident and couldn’t tell if it was him in the video, punching the juvenile. Crawford reportedly complained that Osage County Detention Center staff were treating him as a “scapegoat” and were “throwing him under the bus.” An arrest warrant was issued Aug. 30 in Osage County District Court for Crawford.