Police arrest substitute teacher on threats of violence

Robert Smith
Nancysu Herron

Pawhuska police last Thursday afternoon booked a substitute teacher at a local elementary school on a complaint of threatening a violent act.

Police arrested a suspect identified as Nancysu Herron, 77, of Pawhuska in connection with an alleged threat to harm a pupil at Pawhuska Elementary School.

Police Chief Nick Silva said Herron was reportedly teaching a class of fifth-graders when one of the pupils tried her patience and she threatened to kill the pupil.

Another child reportedly told another staff member, who then confronted Herron, Silva said. In turn, Herron reportedly went to the school office and gave a written statement, Silva said.

Police subsequently talked to Herron and informed her of her Miranda rights, after which Herron made an oral statement and was taken into custody, Silva said.

This was the second incident in eight days in which Pawhuska police arrested a suspect for reportedly making a threat or threats of violence that involved the schools. The earlier incident involved a 20-year-old male suspect, who reportedly made threatening remarks at his place of employment.

“We’ve beefed up our patrol presence at the schools since the start of school,” Silva said. Classes started Aug. 22 in Pawhuska.

Silva said anywhere from 1-4 officers are on duty in the school system at any given time during each school day. This includes Head Start centers, he said.