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EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


Syringes of meth in her purse

NAME: Amber Rachell Baker

AGE: 39


CHARGES: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia; and public intoxication

DETAILS: Deputy Martin Meek conducted a traffic stop Sept. 20, 2018, on New Prue Road new Brush Creek Road during which he came into contact with Amber Rachell Baker, who was a passenger in the Nissan truck that the deputy stopped. Meek said in a case affidavit that when Baker “shuffled through her purse,” a loaded syringe was plainly visible. Baker reportedly was detained after refusing to turn over the purse. Two syringes containing a substance that field-tested positive as methamphetamine were found in the purse, Meek said in his affidavit. After noticing symptoms, Deputy Meek asked Baker when she last used meth. The suspect reportedly answered, “a few hours ago.” During a conversation with Meek, the suspect reportedly admitted to possession of a bag of meth, a smoking pipe and two bags of unused syringes. In a hearing March 1 in Osage County District Court, Baker pleaded guilty to all three charges.

Expired paper tag and smell of marijuana

NAME: Kenneth E. Bolton Jr.

AGE: 55


CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs; possession of a controlled dangerous substance; and failure to obtain registration and title to vehicle within 30 days

DETAILS: Trooper Romulus Gregory was on patrol Sept. 28, 2018, on Highway 20 in Skiatook, when he noticed a white Chevrolet Spark with an expired paper tag. Gregory stopped the vehicle and approached to speak with the driver. The trooper immediately smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment of the Chevrolet. “I bet you stopped me because of my tag. I’m getting it Monday,” the driver reportedly said to Gregory. The trooper asked the motorist about the smell of marijuana coming from inside the car, and the motorist denied there was any such smell. Trooper Gregory then asked the driver when he last smoked marijuana and the driver reportedly said, “earlier today.” Gregory asked if the driver and passenger had state-issued medical marijuana licenses and the occupants of the stopped car reportedly said they did not have marijuana licenses. Trooper Gregory had Bolton exit the Chevrolet Spark and observed him in detail, noting symptoms consistent with marijuana use. The trooper administered field sobriety testing and subsequently arrested Bolton. In a hearing June 7, Bolton pleaded guilty to all three charges and was placed on deferred sentencing status.

‘That’s my wallet. You can’t look in it.’

NAME: Kerman D. Gregory

AGE: 63


CHARGES: Obstructing an officer; driving while the privilege is revoked; failure to maintain insurance or security; failure to keep to the right; and operating a vehicle with the license plate covered

DETAILS: Hominy police officer Bret Taylor on Sept. 27, 2018, observed a four-door white vehicle with a paper tag that was unreadable because of a cover over the tag. The vehicle was also traveling across lines on the pavement that defined its lane. Officer Taylor conducted a traffic stop. The officer asked both the driver and a passenger for their IDs. The two said they did not have any identification. The driver told Taylor his name was William Gregory and the passenger said his name was Gary Borin. Officer Taylor ran a records check through local dispatch and was advised that the name and date of birth provided by the driver came back to a deceased male. When Officer Taylor talked with the driver about the problem, the driver reportedly said he had suffered a stroke and couldn’t remember well. The officer had the driver exit the vehicle for the purpose of identifying him. Officer Taylor said in a case affidavit that the driver gave him numerous names and dates of birth. Officer Taylor noticed the driver had a wallet in his back pocket and asked the driver if there was anything in the wallet with his name on it. “That’s my wallet,” the driver reportedly said. “You can’t look in it. You’re trying to hurt me.” At this point, Officer Taylor requested that dispatch send an ambulance to the scene of the traffic stop to check and see if the driver was experiencing any type of medical emergency. Hominy EMS responded and checked the driver. At one point, the driver placed a telephone call and reportedly spoke with a woman. Officer Taylor asked to speak with her, and the woman gave him the first name “Kerman” for the driver. The officer was eventually able to identify the driver as Kerman D. Gregory. Local dispatch told the officer that Gregory’s license was revoked and there was a valid Osage County warrant out for his arrest. In a hearing March 1 in Osage County District Court, Gregory was found guilty on all five counts arising from the traffic stop in Hominy.

Woman in truck bed in parking garage

NAME: Nakeitra Nachelle Wells

AGE: 33


CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: Deputy Corby Sorrells responded early Oct. 2, 2018, to a call regarding a half-naked woman, later identified as Nakeitra Wells. The woman reportedly was in the truck bed of a vehicle on the fourth story of the parking area of the Osage Casino in Tulsa. Deputy Sorrells observed Wells to have an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from her person, to be unsteady on her feet, and to have bloodshot, watery eyes. Sorrells arrested Wells on suspicion of public intoxication. Wells pleaded guilty in a hearing in Osage County District Court.

Cussing at everyone present

NAME: Marcie L. O’Neal

AGE: 59


CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: Officer William M. Goode was at the Osage Casino in Tulsa about 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28, 2018, when casino security told him about a guest who had put her hands on the casino floor manager and was refusing to leave. Goode noted that O’Neal was walking to the casino parking lot. He ordered her several times to stop, but she reportedly kept walking away. “It should be noted that I observed her to be unable to walk in a straight line,” Officer Goode said in a case affidavit. Goode had casino security stop O’Neal and he approached her. Goode said O’Neal was belligerent “and began cussing at everyone present.” Officer Goode observed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage to be coming from O’Neal’s breath and person so he asked her if she had been drinking. O’Neal reportedly said she had consumed three margaritas. Officer Goode handcuffed O’Neal and said she became “very combative” and kept trying to pull away. Osage County District Court accepted O’Neal’s written guilty plea and found her guilty.

Drank 13-14 shots of tequila

NAME: Prescot Morales

AGE: 23


CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: Osage Nation police officer William Wilmott on Sept. 29, 2018, responded to a report of a disturbance at the pizza restaurant inside the Tulsa Osage Casino. Officer Wilmott said in a case affidavit that he observed Prescot Morales yelling at casino security officers. Morales had bloodshot eyes and thick, slurred speech, the officer said. Casino security officers were attempting to calm Morales, but he continued to argue and yell profanities, Officer Wilmott said. Morales had been asked to leave the restaurant and was resisting efforts to remove him, Wilmott said. He then told Morales that he needed to leave or he would be arrested. Morales reportedly responded by saying, “Do it. I don’t care. Take me.” While Officer Wilmott was speaking to Morales, Wilmott could smell the odor of consumed alcoholic beverages on Morales’ breath. When casino security attempted again to escort Morales out of the pizza restaurant, he reportedly resisted. Wilmott placed him under arrest. Wilmott said in his affidavit that Morales later admitted having consumed 13-14 shots of tequila. In a hearing Oct. 2 in Osage County District Court, the court accepted a written plea of guilty from Morales and sentenced him to pay a $100 fine and court costs.

Flunked all sobriety tests

NAME: Kristina Feeler

AGE: 39

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; failure to stop for a yield sign; and driving left of center

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Grant West was on patrol about 2:08 a.m. Oct. 3, 2018, when he observed a vehicle fail to stop at the junction of County Road 2706 and State Highway 123. West watched the vehicle travel north in the southbound lane of Highway 123. West stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Kristina Feeler. West said in a case affidavit that he smelled an odor associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages coming from the vehicle and asked Feeler if she had consumed any alcoholic beverages. “Yes, I had a few,” Feeler reportedly said. West said Feeler had red, bloodshot eyes, along with thick, slurred speech and was unsteady on her feet. Feeler reportedly failed all field sobriety tests. She took a breath test and the reading was .19. In a hearing Jan. 4, Feeler pleaded guilty and was placed on deferred-sentencing status.

Vehicle stopped in the road with occupants asleep

NAME: Erasmo Arredondo Gonzales Jr.

AGE: 47


CHARGE: Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Martin Meek was dispatched Oct. 3, 2018, for a welfare check on North Lombard Lane in the Skiatook area. Dispatch told Meek that a vehicle was reportedly stopped on the road and both occupants appeared to be asleep. Osage Nation police officer Patrick Luey also responded to the scene. Officer Luey told Deputy Meek that when he arrived the vehicle was stopped in the road with no lights on and both occupants were asleep. During the investigation that followed, Officer Luey reportedly talked to the driver of the vehicle and obtained her consent to search the vehicle. During the search, a clear glass smoking device with a crystal-like substance was reportedly discovered in the glove compartment, within direct reach of front-seat passenger Erasmo Gonzales. In a hearing Oct. 3 in Osage County District Court, Gonzales pleaded guilty and was fined $1,000. The court on March 6, issued a bench warrant for Gonzales for failing to pay the fine.

Checked courthouse surveillance video

NAME: Tiffany Lanae Thomas

AGE: 39


CHARGE: Driving while the privilege is revoked

DETAILS: Deputy Monte Stout was asked to review courthouse security video to see if Tiffany Thomas had driven herself to the Osage County courthouse on Sept. 26, 2018. Deputy Stout found the video showed that Thomas arrived at the courthouse about 3:41 p.m. that day, driving a white, four-door sedan. Then, shortly after 5 p.m., the video reportedly showed Thomas left the courthouse and drove away in the same white sedan. In a hearing Oct. 10 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Thomas. The next court date in the case is set for July 5, according to a court record.

A few Wild Turkey and Cokes?

NAME: Wiley Thomas Sears Jr.

AGE: 49


CHARGE: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs

DETAILS: State Trooper Romulus Gregory responded about 12:58 a.m. June 23, 2018, to a report of an injury collision involving a motorcycle. The collision reportedly occurred on North 52nd West Avenue, about a half-mile south of Rock School Road. While Gregory was en route to the collision scene, he was informed by Deputy Martin Meek that the motorcycle had hit a guardrail. The driver of the motorcycle was being transported by medics to St. John Hospital in Tulsa. Following an investigation of the collision, Gregory drove to St. John Hospital and contacted the driver, identified as Wiley Thomas Sears Jr. While talking with Sears, Trooper Gregory reportedly noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage on the breath and about the person of Sears. The trooper also noted that Sears had slow, slurred speech and red, watery eyes. Gregory asked Sears about consuming alcoholic beverages and the defendant reportedly said, “I’ve had a few Wild Turkey and Cokes.” Gregory also asked Sears if he had used illegal drugs or taken legal medications. Sears reportedly said he takes pain medication for his back. Gregory reportedly offered Sears both a breath test and a blood test. The next court date in the case is listed as Sept. 6.