Funds being raised to replace equipment

Robert Smith

Hominy city manager Jimmie Ratliff II said Monday that a thief or thieves took a mower and a trailer last week from a city cemetery employee named Frank Hudson.

Ratliff said that Hudson, who is in his 70s and is a former Hominy city councilor, was quite upset by the theft. In addition to his work at the city cemetery, Hudson does other mowing and weed-trimming jobs on the side to make extra money and is a very community minded person, Ratliff said.

“He’s really the nicest guy — very community oriented,” Ratliff said. He explained Hudson’s wife is ill with cancer, and the mower that was stolen hadn’t yet been paid off. Ratliff said he understood Hudson’s church has made an effort to help him, and someone has established a GoFundMe account to help Hudson.

Ratliff said Hominy police are looking into the incident.