Bridge over Dog Thresher Creek officially open

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital
District 1 Commissioner Randall Jones, left, and former Commissioner Jerry Howerton, right, celebrate the opening of the new Dog Thresher bridge. Courtesy/GUY Engineering

BARNSDALL – A bridge-opening event was held Tuesday to celebrate the completion of Bridge No. 176 over Dog Thresher Creek, southeast of Barnsdall. The bridge is in Osage County District 1, represented by Commissioner Randall Jones, who took office in January. The area was formerly represented by Commissioner Jerry Howerton.

The old Bridge No. 176 was a 62-foot-long pony truss span built in 1920. It had a concrete deck and masonry abutments. The bridge was structurally deficient and fracture critical and had a sufficiency rating of 30.4. Though it was built nearly a century ago, the old bridge was not considered a historic landmark.

The new bridge is 151.5 feet in length and has 1,448.5 feet of approach roadway. It was designed by GUY Engineering, which has offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and constructed by Paradigm Construction & Engineering. The new bridge is 0.62 feet higher than the old one, according to GUY engineering.

This bridge replacement project addressed a deficient structure on County Road 2355, located south of State Highway 11. It was not concerned with the bridge crossing of Dog Thresher Creek located on State Highway 11.

The primary spelling of the creek name, as given by GUY Engineering and other sources appears to be “Dog Thresher.” Some online listings call it “Dog Thrasher,” and some signage on State Highway 11 uses the spelling “Dog Threasher.”