Semi-annual trash dump is a success

Robert Smith

Osage County Commissioners on Monday characterized the response to their semi-annual free dump day as extremely strong. The spring 2019 dump day was March 30.

District 3 Commissioner Darren McKinney said public response in Hominy was so strong that the county had to turn away people.

“It was non-stop all day,” District 1 Commissioner Randall Jones said of Pawhuska.

“Skiatook was just fast and furious all day long,” District 2 Commissioner Kevin Paslay said.

The commissioners use the free dump days to encourage residents to dispose of appliances, mattresses, box springs, tires without rims, furniture, wood and brush. The hope is that by offering free disposal, the county can avoid having items disposed of in ditches and on roadsides where road crews would have to pick them up.

The commissioners generally use their county road shop facilities as drop-off points for waste items accepted on free dump days. They do not accept household trash or contractor trash or paint and other chemicals. The commissioners usually are able to sell metal they take in during free dump days to help cover the cost of holding the event.

Macy Strom, of the Osage County Free Fair Board, asked the commissioners Monday if a drop-off point can be established for the rural Bowring community.

“We’ve had trouble with people dumping at Hulah Lake in the state park,” Strom said.