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Curtis Glenn Martin

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at 918-287-7366.


Conflict with former employer

NAME: Christopher Wayne Johnson

AGE: 38


CHARGES: Embezzlement (two counts), false declaration of ownership in pawn, second-degree burglary

DETAILS: Hominy police officer Matthew Foster became involved last September in the investigation of a complaint filed by Roger Whited, who had terminated Christopher Wayne Johnson from a job. Whited reported to police that he was missing several items from his shop on South Price in Hominy, and that he had already some items from a Pawhuska pawn shop. Foster and Hominy Police Chief Michael Martin found through investigation that Johnson had pawned a shop vacuum cleaner and a chainsaw that matched items taken from Whited. Hominy police also had contact with several individuals who reportedly received tools from Johnson that matched items taken from Whited. The value of tools recovered by Hominy police as of early October was about $1,900. This investigation resulted in charges of embezzlement and false declaration of ownership in pawn. A separate investigation by Deputy Sheriff Justin Kling yielded charges of second-degree burglary and embezzlement. Charges resulting from the two investigations were filed Jan. 24. Warrants were issued for Johnson’s arrest.

Police say he confessed

NAME: Anthony Paul Beaman

AGE: 40


CHARGE: Sexual battery

DETAILS: Skiatook police on Jan. 23 received a report that Anthony Paul Beaman had inappropriately touched a female minor. Skiatook police Mirandized Beaman and conducted an interview with him that reportedly resulted in both verbal and written confessions. A charge was filed against him on Jan. 25. His bail was set at $25,000.

Tractor owner foils thieves

NAME: Jerod Wayne Greenleaf

AGE: 30


CHARGES: Larceny of automobile, aircraft or other vehicle; and second-degree burglary

NAME: David Wayne Pedigo Mead

AGE: 31


CHARGES: Larceny of automobile, aircraft or other vehicle; and second-degree burglary

NAME: Cheyenne Nicole Roach

AGE: 20


CHARGE: Second-degree burglary

DETAILS: Defendants Greenleaf and Mead are charged in two separate felony cases involving thefts. Roach is charged in just one of the two cases. In one matter Greenleaf and Roach are accused of cooperating to steal a tractor from a location near the intersection of 155th and Lombard Lane in Skiatook. The two men concealed the tractor under tree branches near the junction of Ranchland Road and 173rd Street North. According to a court document, the owner of the tractor reportedly found it and called the Osage County Sheriff’s Office before the defendants could return and move it again. In the second incident, Greenleaf and Mead reportedly burglarized some electric utility trucks near Ranchland Road and State Highway 20. Officers took Roach into custody when she showed up near the burglary scene in a stolen Jeep to pick up Greenleaf and Mead. Arrest warrants have been issued for the three suspects in Osage County District Court.

He’s back again

NAME: Curtis Glenn Martin

AGE: 39


CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; and driving while license canceled/suspended/or revoked

DETAILS: An arrest warrant was issued for Martin on Jan. 29 in Osage County District Court. Martin has an earlier conviction, from 2011, on a misdemeanor charge of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol/aggravated.

Illegible tag, suspended license lead to drug jackpot

NAME: Cody Lane Fisher

AGE: 21

RESIDENCE: Locust Grove

CHARGES: Unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia; failure to pay taxes due the state; and driving while license canceled/suspended/or revoked

DETAILS: Pawhuska police officer William Wamego on Jan. 29 conducted a traffic stop on a maroon, four-door Buick that did not appear to have a license plate. Wamego stopped the vehicle and the driver was identified as Cody Fisher. The officer discovered the Buick did, indeed, have a dealer license plate, but it was so old it was unreadable. The officer also discovered Fisher’s operator license was suspended. The officer called a wrecker to come and collect the vehicle, and commenced to do an inventory of items in the vehicle. During the inventory, Wamego located a blue pill container with a white, rock-like substance inside that looked like methamphetamine. When looking in the trunk, the officer reportedly found a silver case that contained a digital scale device. He also reportedly found two bags of white and powdery residue, as well as another bag of a white rock substance that appeared to be meth. The officer found other apparently drug-related items, and a debit card and WIC card that did not belong to anyone in the vehicle. A preliminary hearing in the case is set for April 23.

Gave wrong ID info

NAME: Casey Harrington

AGE: 19


CHARGES: Falsely personate another to create liability; driving without a license; defective vehicle

DETAILS: Pawhuska police officer William Wamego on Jan. 30 observed a white, four-door Pontiac with a tag light hanging down over the vehicle’s license plate and shining a bright light to the rear of the vehicle. Wamego conducted a traffic stop and the driver reportedly provided the officer with a driver’s license bearing the name of another person. During a pat-down search of the motorist, the officer reportedly found a piece of paper bearing the name “Casey,” and the motorist admitted his name is Casey Harrington. During a records check, Wamego learned that Harrington did not have a valid driver’s license. In a Feb. 22 hearing, Harrington pleaded guilty.

Tried to run for it

NAME: Jeffrey John

AGE: 23


CHARGES: Falsely personate another to create liability; obstructing an officer; driving while the privilege is revoked; and failure to yield for a stop sign

DETAILS: State Trooper Robert Regnier arrested Jeffrey John about 11:30 p.m. Jan. 29 at U.S. 60 and County Road Big Snake. The trooper initiated a traffic stop after a white, four-door vehicle failed to stop at the intersection. When the trooper turned on his emergency lights, the driver of the white car pulled into a private driveway and stopped. John gave incorrect identifying information. During the encounter, the trooper and an Osage County deputy who came to the scene to provide backup, the motorist reportedly said numerous times he needed to go to the bathroom and acted as though he were in pain. The trooper gave the man a chance to urinate, but the motorist said he was unable to go. The trooper had the motorist sit in the front passenger seat of his patrol car, and the trooper then walked to the back of the patrol car. The suspect reportedly jumped out of the patrol car and ran. The suspect tried to hide behind a short brick wall and then under a vehicle. The officers caught up with him and handcuffed him. On his way to the Osage County jail, the suspect reportedly admitted his name was Jeffrey John.

Sexual abuse of a child

NAME: Mark Evan Margerum Jr.

AGE: 34


CHARGE: Sexual abuse of a child under 12

DETAILS: According to an affidavit filed by an Osage County Sheriff’s Office investigator, Margerum reportedly exhibited obscene material to two minor children using a cell phone. The materials reportedly included both video and still images of heterosexual and homosexual oral intercourse being engaged in by adults. One of the minors was under the age of 12 years. The sheriff’s office investigator told the Osage County District Court that Margerum displayed the obscene materials as a means of encouraging the minors to engage in sexual behavior. The investigator further reported to the court that Margerum had sexual intercourse with a minor female, under the age of 14. The case record shows that prosecutors filed a single count of sexual abuse of a child under 12 against Margerum. In a Feb. 13 hearing in Osage County District Court, a plea of not-guilty was entered for Margerum. His bail was set at $100,000.

Griggs was in there, all right

NAME: Curtis Wayne Williams

AGE: 28


CHARGE: Harboring a fugitive from justice; and obstructing an officer

DETAILS: Osage County deputy David Bradley, who is also a Fairfax police officer, about 3 p.m. on Feb. 6 was trying to find a burglary suspect named Mark Griggs, who was wanted by authorities in Pawnee County. Bradley had spotted Griggs earlier in the day, but the suspect fled on foot. During his search, Bradley went to a residence on South Seventh Street in Fairfax, where he had heard Griggs was staying. Bradley noted he had driven by the house once already on Feb. 6, and the door was closed. The second time he drove by, the door was open, so the officer stopped his patrol car, got out and approached the house. Curtis Wayne Williams came out of the house and Bradley asked him who was inside the dwelling. Williams said no one was inside. Bradley asked Williams what he was doing there and Williams said he was waiting on the owner to meet him. Bradley asked Williams if Griggs was inside the house and Williams said Griggs was not there. Bradley told Williams he had a felony warrant for Griggs and Williams said again that Griggs was not there. Williams said he had heard there was a bounty out for Griggs, but added he had not seen the suspect. Bradley had Williams step aside and opened the screen door and yelled for Mark Griggs and identified himself as a police officer. A male voice answered and said Griggs was not there. Griggs subsequently opened a side door of the residence and ran. As Bradley turned to pursue Griggs, he told Williams that he would be going to jail. Williams’ case is set for a preliminary hearing March 28.