Commissioners hear phone service proposal

Robert Smith

A representative of AT&T on Monday offered to save Osage County government some $1,240 per month on telephone service. The proposal, which dealt with phone services but not phone equipment, applied to county government offices and departments other than the sheriff’s office.

AT&T representative Dave Siegel said the prices he quoted to the county commissioners and County Clerk Shelia Bellamy are good until the end of April. He also assured the commissioners it would be “no big deal” to upgrade service from the levels offered in the proposed new agreement.

Siegel mentioned that AT&T is also prepared to offer the sheriff’s office a cost-saving service upgrade proposal.

Bellamy asked if the county’s existing phone equipment will work all right with the new service package, and Siegel said that it will. Siegel added that, depending on how close the county is to upgrading its actual phone equipment, it might be desirable to wait and upgrade the phone service after the new phone equipment is in place.

The commissioners did not make any decisions Monday on the potential changes, and the question of whether to upgrade phone service and phone equipment at roughly the same time remains up for discussion, Bellamy said.

A suggestion was also aired Monday to the effect Osage County can probably realize additional cost savings by reducing fax lines and using email instead.

Siegel noted that fax use is essentially dying off.