New officials sworn-in

Robert Smith
Ed Quinton Jr.

New district attorney Mike Fisher on Monday thanked God and his family as he prepared to take the oath to serve as chief prosecutor for Osage and Pawnee counties.

Fisher on Monday morning in a ceremony in Pawhuska took the oath for the first of three times. Other swearing-in events in which he was scheduled to participate were to be held Monday afternoon in Oklahoma City and this afternoon (Wednesday) in Pawnee.

“I serve an awesome God. That’s why I’m here today, because of Him,” Fisher, 61, told a crowd assembled in the third-floor courtroom in the Osage County Courthouse. He added that he had been “blessed with a wonderful family.”

Fisher talked about his family’s involvement with his campaign to become District 10 district attorney for the state of Oklahoma. He recalled that his 85-year-old father, who is retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, drew particular pleasure from the act of holding up a campaign sign on election day.

“He told me that was one of the great experiences of his life,” Fisher said of his father, Frank.

Mike Fisher won the June 26, 2018, Republican primary for District 10 district attorney, defeating incumbent Rex Duncan. Bob Buchanan, an independent candidate from Pawnee, had filed to run in the general election but later dropped out. As a result, Fisher’s win in the primary was determinative.

Noting that he and his siblings were “raised the right way,” Fisher said Monday that he wants to strive to make correct decisions as district attorney.

“We won’t be perfect, but we will bust out tails to do this job the right way,” he said. Fisher pledged to law enforcement officers present for his swearing-in that they will have the “full-and-complete support” of his office. “Our office is an open door, not just for law enforcement but for the public.”

Fisher introduced Michelle Keely, his first assistant, who was present for the ceremony in Pawhuska and later Monday morning attended a meeting of the Osage County Board of Commissioners.

District Judge John Kane administered the oath of office to Fisher. Kane also administered oaths to new county officials who were sworn in Jan. 2 in Pawhuska. Those officials included new county assessor Ed Quinton Jr., new District 1 Commissioner Randall Jones and incumbent District 3 Commissioner Darren McKinney, who was sworn in for a new term.

Quinton has worked in the assessor’s office about 15 years and is intimately familiar with its functions. Jones, 55, has some 25 years of experience as an Osage County employee and has a deep working knowledge of road maintenance operations. McKinney, 47, has been a commissioner about six years (one full term and approximately half of another) and is beginning a new, four-year term.

McKinney was chosen this week by his fellow commissioners to serve as chairman. Jones was chosen first vice chairman.