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Virgil Shane Cline

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: (918) 287-7366.


HEADLINE: Cracked windshield, not wearing seatbelt

NAME: Virgil Shane Cline

AGE: 43

RESIDENCE: Cleveland

CHARGES: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, and driving while the privilege is suspended

DETAILS: State Trooper Justin Garrison was on patrol about 5 p.m. Dec. 11 in the vicinity of the intersection of Anderson Road and 177th West Avenue when he noticed a white Chevolet pickup headed west at a slow rate of speed. As the pickup passed by, Garrison noticed the vehicle had a cracked windshield and the driver was not wearing his seatbelt. The trooper conducted a traffic stop. When asked for his driver’s license, the motorist told the trooper he did not have the license with him, and that he was trying to get the pickup home because of transmission issues. In addition to the driver, two adult female passengers and two juvenile passengers had been riding in the truck, Trooper Garrison noted. When the trooper did a records check, he found that the registration on the pickup was current, but the driver had a suspended license. While talking with Cline, the trooper noticed the motorist had red, watery eyes and a dry mouth. The trooper also noticed Cline looked drowsy and seemed to have slow motor skills. Cline reportedly told the trooper that he had not taken any medications or drugs. He reportedly also admitted to having been previously caught with methamphetamine and marijuana. The trooper administered a field sobriety test. Cline also agreed to take a blood test. Based on the totality of his observations, the trooper arrested Cline. Prosecutors on Dec. 12 charged Cline with a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence, but that charge was dismissed and a felony charge was filed. The Osage County District Court on Dec. 20 entered a not-guilty plea for Cline.

HEADLINE: Old charge dismissed, new one filed

NAME: Quintraious Marshall

AGE: 25


CHARGE: Unauthorized use of a vehicle

DETAILS: Sgt. Michael Copeland, of the Hominy police, on July 24 received word that an officer was needed at the Dick Conner Correctional Center to take a report about a stolen vehicle. A woman who talked to Sgt. Copeland told him that her roommate’s friend, who drove her to Dick Conner Correctional Center for a job interview, had taken her vehicle from the parking lot there without her permission while she was in the interview. “He did not have my permission to leave with the car,” the reporting party told the officer. The reporting party identified Marshall from a Facebook profile photo, according to Sgt. Copeland. Osage County prosecutors filed a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle against Marhsall on Aug. 7, but a court record shows that charge was dismissed Dec. 4, after a witness or witnesses failed to show up for a hearing. Court records also show prosecutors on Dec. 20 filed a fresh charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle against Marshall, based on the same arrest affidavit that was used in the earlier filing.


HEADLINE: No functioning tail lights

NAME: Ashley Paul Nist Jr.

AGE: 55


CHARGE: Driving while the privilege is suspended

DETAILS: Deputy Jeff Jones, of the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, on Sept. 14 observed a gold-colored SUV pulling a trailer along McCorkle Street in Burbank. The lacked functioning tail lights, Jones noted. The deputy said in an affidavit that a records check revealed the driver lacked a valid license and had other violations related to the license situation. Jones arrested the motorist, Ashley Paul Nist Jr. The defendant pleaded guilty Oct. 12 and was found guilty, according to a court record.

HEADLINE: ‘I want my child support …’

NAME: William Joseph Edwards

AGE: 28

RESIDENCE: Barnsdall

CHARGE: Public intoxication

NAME: Tina D. Weeden

AGE: 36

RESIDENCE: Barnsdall

CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: Barnsdall police officer Jerry Garrett received a call from Ralph Hernandez, stating that Tina Weeden and William Edwards were at his house, and were intoxicated. Officer Garrett arrested both Weeden and Edwards, according to an affidavit. Edwards reportedly told Officer Garrett that he “just came up here with Tina to talk to Ralph about Tina’s child support.” Hernandez reportedly told Officer Garrett that Weeden and Edwards were “trying to fight him.” The officer noted that while he was speaking with Weeden, she “continued yelling I want my child support, you sorry M.F.” Court records show that Edwards and Weeden pleaded guilty.

HEADLINE: Joint in his pocket

NAME: Phillip D. Mundy

AGE: 38


CHARGE: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance

DETAILS: Investigator Terry York, of the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, took part in the execution of a search warrant Sept. 11 at 1506 Claremore Ave. in Pawhuska. During that search, a marijuana cigarette was reportedly discovered in a pocket of Phillip Mundy’s clothing. Mundy pleaded guilty in a hearing Oct. 26 and was found guilty.

HEADLINE: More and more agitated

NAME: Christian Thomas Johnson

AGE: 27


CHARGE: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs

DETAILS: Officer Bret Taylor, of the Hominy police, on Sept. 10 at about 11:30 p.m. observed a maroon Jeep Wrangler bound south on Tinker. Taylor noted the vehicle was in the middle of the road, and anyone headed north on that portion of Tinker would need to take evasive action to avoid a collision. Taylor got behind the Jeep and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the Jeep reportedly told Officer Taylor he did not have any identification with him. The officer then asked to see identification for two passengers in the vehicle. While the passengers were looking for their identification, the driver was becoming “more and more agitated,” according to the officer. Because of the driver’s increasing hostility, the officer had him get out of the vehicle. Officer Taylor noted that the driver, Christian Thomas Johnson touched the left front pocket of his jeans multiple times. The officer asked Johnson if he had anything on his person that he should know about. Johnson reportedly “became more irate, raising his voice.” The officer then had Johnson put his hands on his head and submit to a pat search for weapons. During the search, the officer found a Tylenol 3 pill on the defendant. The officer also noted that Johnson appeared to demonstrate signs of marijuana use. According to an affidavit, Johnson admitted having used marijuana a matter of hours earlier. During a search of the vehicle, the officer reportedly found a glass smoking pipe with a burnt leafy substance and an odor of burnt marijuana. As the search continued, the officer reportedly found more marijuana and, in a black bag in the back seat, four different glass pipes. In a hearing Sept. 14, Johnson entered a not-guilty plea.

HEADLINE: Kept on going

NAME: Nolan Gilland Osten

AGE: 21


CHARGES: Driving while the privilege is suspended, and failure to yield for an emergency vehicle

DETAILS: Deputy Brett Barnett, of the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, was on patrol Sept. 6 on State Highway 20, in the Skiatook area when he noticed an eastbound vehicle with an extremely loud exhaust. Barnett activated his red-and-blue emergency lights in the vicinity of the intersection of 154th West Avenue and Highway 20. The vehicle he was following reportedly slowed down some but kept going. In the vicinity of the intersection of Highway 20 and Destiny Drive, the officer activated his siren, but the suspect vehicle kept going. The motorist finally made a right turn onto Old Rogers and came to a stop. Deputy Barnett asked the driver. Nolan Gilland Osten, why he had not stopped. Osten reportedly said he was looking for a safe place to pull over. Osten reportedly provided Deputy Barnett with an Oklahoma ID card and said he did not have a driver’s license. Barnett said in an affidavit that Highway 20 has paved shoulders in that area that are sufficient for a vehicle to pull over. A records check reportedly showed Osten’s license was suspended. In a hearing Sept. 14, Osten pleaded guilty, according to a court record.

HEADLINE: Fleeing on foot

NAME: Justin Tyler Freeman

AGE: 34


CHARGES: Obstructing an officer, and resisting an officer

DETAILS: Officer Rex Wikel, of the Pawhuska police, on Sept. 13 responded to a call for assistance at 1506 Claremore. Two other Pawhuska officers assisted on the call. Wikel noted in an affidavit that Investigator Terry York was looking for Freeman and had probable cause to arrest him. Freeman reportedly ran away from the residence at 1506 Claremore, to elude officers. Wikel gave chase in his vehicle and stopped the vehicle in front of Freeman on Big Chief. Wikel then told Freeman to stop running away and the suspect reportedly said, “no.” Freeman reportedly ran around Wikel’s vehicle to the west. Wikel watched as Freeman reportedly tried to hide in a bush behind a residence. Wikel eventually captured the suspect.