Lunch charges pile up

Robert Smith

Pawhuska Public Schools is attempting to address an accumulation of delinquent student food-service charges that summed to nearly $10,000, Assistant Superintendent Beverly Moore said.

The school district has sent letters to parents about outstanding meal charges. The district has offered parents a payment plan option, and is also assuring parents that Pawhuska Public Schools will always make sure their children have a nutritious lunch.

“We will never not provide a meal for them,” Moore said. No one has been cut off from the use of the food-service program, she said.

Moore said some parents have called Pawhuska Public Schools about accumulated meal charges, and several have come to district offices and paid their bills.

Additional steps the school district has taken include revising its policy regarding food service to help keep bills from piling up, and reaching out to agencies that may be able to provide assistance, Moore said. She clarified that she had not yet heard back from agencies with which she had made contact.

“It is easier to come up with $20 than with $200,” Moore said. She acknowledged that sometimes keeping up with school food-service bills can be a challenge for parents.

“Parents also have access to their child’s lunch account on the Student Portal,” Moore said. Parents can electronically view information about their child’s food-service charges, grades and attendance, she said.

Moore said Pawhuska Public Schools is willing to extend a helping hand to parents, to include helping them fill out government forms for financial assistance.

Anyone who needs to contact Pawhuska Public Schools about past-due meal charges can reach Moore at 918-287-1265, extension 5007.