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Autumn Channelle Pacheco

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: 918-287-7366.


Said she borrowed it

NAME: Brandi Leigh Cutnose

AGE: 37


CHARGE: Unauthorized use of a vehicle

DETAILS: Deputy Johnny Porter, shortly after 2 a.m. Dec. 16, was on patrol near 129th and Blackjack in Sand Springs when he noticed a maroon Chevrolet mini-van with a defective tail light. The deputy conducted a traffic stop. The defendant, Brandi Cutnose, was riding as a passenger in the vehicle, Porter observed. The driver was identified as Joseph Hobbs. When he did a records check, the deputy was notified the vehicle had been reported stolen. He was also notified Hobbs had a suspended license. Both Hobbs and Cutnose told the deputy that Brandi’s boss had let her borrow the vehicle about a week before, and both Hobbs and Cutnose had been driving it. Porter talked with the owner of the vehicle, who said that Cutnose worked for him. The vehicle owner said the mini-van had been stolen at his residence at least two weeks previous. The owner went to the scene of the traffic stop to claim the vehicle, and commented it had been trashed. The owner said he had used the mini-van for church, to transport people who did not have a vehicle. In a hearing Dec. 17 in Osage County District Court, the court entered a not guilty plea for Cutnose.

Bad checks

NAME: Wyla Jean Wilson

AGE: 54


CHARGE: Felony value - two or more bogus checks together

DETAILS: According to a case affidavit, Wilson reportedly used bogus checks in an overall amount greater than $2,500 while doing business with SignTech of Pawhuska. A warrant for Wilson’s arrest was issued Dec. 17. The case affidavit said the checks had been deposited within 30 days of receipt and had been returned marked “insufficient funds.”

Took the keys

NAME: Emily Diane Cooper

AGE: 32


CHARGES: Possession of stolen vehicle, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

NAME: Nathan Dewayne Sanders

AGE: 33


CHARGES: Possession of a stolen vehicle, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Deputy Dessie Lake on Dec. 17 responded to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle on Roper Road in Sperry. Lake found Emily Diane Cooper to be inside a vehicle that a records check determined had been reported stolen. Cooper reportedly admitted to having taken the keys for the vehicle. She also reportedly admitted to having used a glass smoking pipe found in the vehicle to smoke methamphetamine. Sanders reportedly confessed that he knew his common-law spouse, Cooper, had stolen the vehicle keys and that the vehicle was stolen. Sanders reportedly also confessed to using the glass smoking pipe to smoke methamphetamine. The case is set for a status conference on Dec. 27.

Admitted he is a felon

NAME: Waylon Joe Wall

AGE: 35

RESIDENCE: Barnsdall

CHARGES: Possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, illegal possession of drug paraphernalia, and defective vehicle

DETAILS: Deputy Kyle Reese, on Dec. 17, performed a traffic stop on a Ford F-250 pickup that was pulling a gooseneck trailer. The driver’s side brake light on the trailer was not working. Wall reportedly told the deputy he had purchased the truck three months earlier. Deputy Reese did a records check and found that the tag on the F-250 was supposed to be displayed on a Ford F-150 pickup. The deputy subsequently learned the pickup had been reported stolen out of Cushing. During an inventory of the truck, the deputy found a loaded rifle and ammunition, and Wall reportedly admitted to the deputy that he is a convicted felon. Reese further discovered during his inventory a substance suspected to be methamphetamine, as well as a suspected smoking device. According to a court record, a status conference is scheduled for Dec. 27.


‘That is mine’

NAME: Autumn Channelle Pacheco

AGE: 24


CHARGES: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: The defendant reportedly was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle parked at the Pawhuska skate park. Officer Tammi Batman conducted an investigation regarding the vehicle and its occupants. During the encounter, Pacheco reportedly claimed to be the owner of a black jewelry box that contained a grinder with a green leafy substance inside. The box also reportedly contained two smoking devices, and a plastic baggie with several other baggies inside it. The officer asked to whom the box belonged and Pacheco reportedly “yelled, ‘Batman, that is mine.’” According to a court record, the defendant pleaded guilty and was placed on deferred sentencing status.

Doesn’t smoke pot

NAME: Jennifer Lynn Swain

AGE: 40


CHARGES: Two counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and one count of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Swain reportedly was a back-seat passenger in a vehicle parked at the Pawhuska skate park. Officer Tammi Batman made contact with the occupants of the vehicle and conducted investigative activity. Swain reportedly told the officer she did not smoke marijuana, but had hypodermic needles inside the vehicle. Swain also reportedly had possession of pills of a type that did not match the pill bottle in which they were being kept. The next court date in Swain’s case is Jan. 10, 2019.

Claim of confinement

NAME: Robert Earl Dowdy

AGE: 46


CHARGE: Domestic abuse — assault and battery

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Martin Meek on the evening of Sept. 11, 2018, investigated a complaint that Robert Earl Dowdy allegedly held a woman against her will for almost six hours and physically assaulted her. The deputy observed several marks on the woman consistent with someone grabbing or slapping her. Dowdy reportedly told the woman he would not let her leave his sight. The woman reportedly was able to leave the residence, where she was being kept, via a bedroom window and run to a neighboring home for help. A hearing in the case is set for Jan. 24.

Sitting on the curb

NAME: Teresa Janette Cates

AGE: 50

RESIDENCE: Broken Arrow

CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: Pawhuska police officer Alton Horne was dispatched to Melody Lane in reference to a disturbance. When Horne arrived, he reportedly found a woman sitting on a curb. He asked her what she was doing. The woman reportedly mumbled, and the officer didn’t understand her. The officer asked her again what she was doing, and the woman reportedly said she was staying at the residence behind her. The officer’s affidavit reflects that Horne determined the woman, Teresa Janette Cates, did not live in the area. The officer also reportedly detected an odor associated with alcoholic beverages about Cates’ breath and person. Horne said Cates told him she got picked up on warrants and brought to the Osage County Jail. Horne asked Cates what the warrants were for, and Cates reportedly said they were for public intoxication. Officer Horne then arrested Cates for public intoxication. She pleaded guilty.

Intoxicated juveniles

NAME: Marsadez Savannah Rachelle McKee, or Savannah Rachelle McKee Marsadez

AGE: 21


CHARGES: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: The suspect is identified in an arrest affidavit as Marsadez Savannah Rachelle McKee. In a court record, the same person is referred to as Savannah Rachelle McKee Marsadez. An arrest warrant was issued in Osage County District Court on Sept. 13 in connection with an incident that Skiatook police worked on Jan. 21. A court record indicates the warrant has not been served. The police response Jan. 21 began when Skiatook police officer Chris Edwards responded to a call about an intoxicated juvenile. After observing an intoxicated female juvenile, Edwards reportedly called Skiatook EMS to check on her. The contact with the intoxicated female juvenile led officers to check on a party at 4128 Redeagle, in Skiatook, where officers reportedly found several more intoxicated juveniles. Officers reportedly entered the residence and retrieved marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an empty vodka bottle.

‘Take me to jail’

NAME: Amber Reeves

AGE: 20

RESIDENCE: Barnsdall

CHARGE: Domestic abuse — assault and battery

DETAILS: Barnsdall police responded to a call about people fighting at Sixth and Walnut. When an officer drove south on Sixth, he saw a young boy running north on that street and looking behind him. When the officer arrived at Sixth and Walnut, he reportedly found Amber Reeves crying and yelling at her boyfriend. When an officer asked Reeves what was going on, she reportedly said, “Take me to jail, I started all this.” The officer talked with Reeves’ boyfriend, who reportedly had two bite marks on his left arm and two bite marks on his back. The boyfriend said when he got home, he found that Amber and some of her friends had been drinking and she was “in one of her moods.” The boyfriend also reportedly told police that Reeves assaulted him after he tried to prevent her from harming herself. When the officer talked with Reeves, she reportedly said that she had consumed “around a pint of whiskey.” The next court date in the case is listed as March 1.