‘Christmas angels’ pay for lunches

Robert Smith

BARNSDALL — “Christmas angels” of a sort have delivered a mighty blessing to Barnsdall Public Schools, and by extension to parents who would otherwise be tightening up their budgets to pay past-due lunch charges.

Jeff Lay, superintendent of Barnsdall Public Schools, explained that a local family recently contacted the school district, asking for the the total amount of delinquent lunch bills, with a view toward finding a way to take care of the bills.

“We allow families to charge up to $10 per child, and once the balance exceeds that amount, the account becomes delinquent,” Lay said. “The total amount of delinquent charges we had was $2,000.66. Our business manager contacted the family and informed them of the total amount owed.”

In turn, the family that received the billing information notified the business manager for Barnsdall Public Schools that they and a local Sunday School class would cover the full amount, Lay said.

“Later that day we received the payment and all delinquent accounts were cleared,” Lay said. “We are fortunate to be in a community with many wonderful families who use their resources to bless others.”

Lay said the act of generosity fits into a pattern he has observed since becoming superintendent in Barnsdall.

“In the 18 months I’ve been in Barnsdall, I have witnessed many acts of kindness involving citizens in our community,” Lay said. “It is my hope that many of the families who were blessed by canceled lunch bills will pay it forward by helping another family in some way. Even if you don’t have a lot of resources to share, kindness costs nothing. I’m so thankful for this generous family and Sunday School class who showed such kindness to our Panther family.”

In other developments relative to the Barnsdall school district, Lay said the school district’s architect and construction managers were preparing a bid package.

“Our architect and construction managers are working on the final bid package for the major construction and remodeling projects. We should have a solicitation for bids within the next week,” he said.