Software upgrade will save staff time

Robert Smith

Outgoing county assessor Gail Hedgcoth and incoming assessor Ed Quinton Jr. on Monday briefed Osage County commissioners about an upcoming software upgrade that Quinton believes will save more than $60,000 annually in staff time.

The county assessor’s office will not experience an increase in its monthly software-related expense of $1,996, Quinton said. There will be an $8,500 training expense, he said.

The company from which the Osage County assessor’s office will be obtaining its new software is LandMark GSI. The company is already doing business with assessor’s offices in 17 Oklahoma counties and Osage could be the 18th county, Quinton said.

“I don’t foresee any but good things,” Quinton said, voicing a high degree of optimism about the new software. District 2 Commissioner Kevin Paslay had asked him if there might be any downside to the change.

Quinton, who has been working in the Osage County assessor’s office for 15 years, said he did research on the software situation before his recent campaign for office and during it. Quinton said he told LandMark GSI that he could not make the deal if his monthly software expense increased.