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EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at: (918) 287-7366.


Busted at the Skiatook P.D.

NAME: Chris Kevin Callis

AGE: 59


CHARGE: Leaving the scene of an accident involving damage

DETAILS: Skiatook police responded to a report of a non-injury accident at Dawg House Donuts and learned that one of the vehicles reportedly left the accident scene. The vehicle that left was identified as a silver Chevrolet sports car, and a witness to the accident said he had been following the suspect vehicle from west of Skiatook and observed it to be “all over the road the entire time he was behind it.” The suspect vehicle, which was eastbound on Highway 20, reportedly veered into the westbound lane in Skiatook and hit another vehicle. The suspect vehicle reportedly at least partially tore the bumper off the vehicle it hit. According to an affidavit, Hominy police told Skiatook police that a vehicle driven by Chris Callis matched the description of the suspect vehicle from the hit-and-run accident. Hominy police communicated to Skiatook police that they had written a trespass warning to Callis in regard to a residence in Hominy, and Callis may subsequently have driven through Skiatook. Skiatook police later received a visit from a man who identified himself as Chris Callis, and who reportedly claimed to have been sideswiped by a vehicle in Skiatook. Callis told Skiatook police the other motorist drove away. Skiatook police placed Callis under arrest on suspicion that he was intoxicated at the time he visited the Skiatook Police Department. A Skiatook police officer reportedly found a silver Camaro belonging to Callis parked in front of the police department. The vehicle was towed because it was not in a parking spot and was blocking a walkway. A Skiatook officer noted that Callis’ vehicle, a silver Camaro, had damage consistent with the earlier accident on Highway 20. The next morning, a Skiatook police officer took Callis from a jail cell to an interview room. Callis reportedly told the officer that another vehicle drove into his lane on Highway 20 in Skiatook and hit his vehicle and then drove away. Asked what day the accident happened, Callis reportedly said it had been 4-5 days. The officer then reportedly confronted Callis about the accident in Skiatook just the previous day, and confronted him with evidence about the trespass warning that had been issued to him in Hominy. Callis reportedly denied he had been in Hominy at the time the trespass warning was issued. The Skiatook officer shared with Callis details about the accident the previous day in Skiatook, and the officer noted that Callis seemed confused as he attempted to respond. The defendant told the officer that he did stop after the accident, the officer noted. Callis was arraigned Sept. 24 and pleaded not guilty. His case is set for Dec. 7.

Asleep on the floor

NAME: Berry Dean Gillett

AGE: 34


CHARGE: Breaking and entering a dwelling without permission

DETAILS: A Skiatook man reported that his brother broke into his house. The reporting party said the suspect had broken in twice before and had been told to stop. The suspect reportedly was discovered sleeping on the floor, in the living room. In a hearing Oct. 12, Gillett pleaded not guilty.

Meth in the pocket

NAME: Elizabeth Josephine High

AGE: 36


CHARGES: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Pawhuska officer Paris Robertson about 6:34 p.m. Aug. 29 came into contact with the defendant at the intersection of Lynn Avenue and 15th Street. Robertson said in an affidavit that he was at the intersection of Lynn and 15th because he was investigating a domestic incident in progress at the basketball court. “Upon speaking to the defendant, I asked her if she had anything illegal on her person,” Robertson said in an affidavit. “The defendant said, ‘Yes, I have methamphetamine in my front left pocket of my jeans,’ ” Robertson reported. Robertson placed the defendant in handcuffs while another Pawhuska officer reportedly removed a baggie containing suspected meth from the defendant’s front left pocket. The second officer also reportedly found a hypodermic needle on the defendant’s person. High pleaded guilty.

Used signal after turning

NAME: Laura Joan Jones

AGE: 53


CHARGE: Driving while the privilege is suspended, failure to signal when turning

DETAILS: Pawhuska officer Tammi Batman made a traffic stop on a motorist who reportedly only used her turn signal after having made the turn. A records check reportedly revealed the driver, Jones, was driving while her license was suspended. Jones pleaded guilty.

Tells cop he knows nothing

NAME: Jonathan Lawrence Gable

AGE: 34


CHARGE: Malicious injury to property — less than $1,000

DETAILS: Skiatook officer Ryan Underwood noticed a car parked in front of a residence at 4203 W. Pipestem. The officer observed the driver’s side window had been broken and that shattered glass had fallen into the vehicle and onto the street. The officer went to the door of the residence and spoke with a woman, who said Jonathan Gable had ridden by on a bicycle and broken out her car window. Underwood asked the woman if she or anyone else had seen Gable break the window and she replied that neither she nor anyone she knew had seen the act. The woman told the officer, however, that she had been dating Gable on and off, and that she was no longer seeing him, which made him angry. Underwood noted that Gable reportedly called the woman’s cell phone about 20 times while the officer was at her home, talking with her. The officer reported that the woman answered one of the calls and put the phone on speaker where the officer could hear what was said. The officer reported hearing a male voice threaten “to break every M.F. window, slash every M.F. tire on that B….,” and that he was “going to burn that M.F. down.” The voice told the woman that she couldn’t stay awake forever and he could stay awake longer than she could. The man also accused the woman of making him sleep outside in the rain. The woman told the officer that Gable had physically and verbally abused her in the past, but said she had been fearful and did not report it. The officer told the woman she could obtain a protective order. The officer reportedly went and found Gable at his job and asked to speak with him about an incident in which a vehicle window had been broken out. The officer noted that Gable denied having any knowledge of the incident, and declined to complete a written statement because he didn’t know anything. The Osage County District Court has issued an arrest warrant for Gable.

Altercation at the Cedars

NAME: Tyler Duane Chapman

AGE: 25


CHARGE: Assault and battery

DETAILS: Skiatook officer Brandon Foshee was dispatched to a fight at an apartment complex. When he arrived at the Cedars Apartments, Foshee reported a woman named Alicia Camille Woodard met him and complained of being bothered by a man named Jerry Pearson. While Foshee was at the apartments, dispatch told him a man named Jerry Pearson was at the police department. The officer left the apartments to speak with Pearson, who told of having been assaulted by a man later identified as Tyler Duane Chapman. When the officer spoke with Chapman, he reportedly claimed he had been protecting Woodard. Osage County District Court issued an arrest warrant for Chapman, who pleaded not-guilty in a hearing Sept. 20. The case has been set for Dec. 7.

‘It’s weed’

NAME: Rocky Glen Murry

AGE: 19


CHARGE: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance

DETAILS: Pawhuska officer Justin Tulk performed a traffic stop on a gold Jeep Liberty in regard to a broken left tail light lens. The defendant was a passenger in the vehicle. During the traffic stop, the officer reportedly smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage and asked Murry if he had been drinking. Murry reportedly said he had been drinking. The officer had all occupants of the vehicle, including Murry, exit. As the officer reportedly watched Murry get out of the Jeep, he noticed an open cigar package and asked what it was. “It’s weed,” Murry reportedly said. The officer asked Murry if he had any more marijuana and Murry reportedly said, “I don’t want to lie, but I have some near my sack.” The officer noted he “had t he defendant recover the bundle from his genital area.” A second Pawhuska police officer reportedly found a separate bundle of marijuana in the glove compartment of the vehicle, and the defendant reportedly said it belonged to him, as well. Murry pleaded not-guilty in a Sept. 4 hearing, and his case is set for Dec. 7.

‘Some bud on me’

NAME: Hayden Anthony Gibson

AGE: 21


CHARGES: Possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), and trespassing after being forbidden

DETAILS: Pawhuska officer Zachary West, shortly after midnight on the very early morning of Sept. 4, encountered the defendant at the basketball courts at 15th and Lynn. The officer asked Gibson how he was doing and where he was going. Gibson reportedly answered that he was doing good and he was going home. “I then asked the defendant if I could pat him down for officer safety,” West said in an affidavit. “The defendant then let out a long sigh and mumbled something under his breath. I asked the defendant if he had anything illegal on his person and he said, ‘I have some bud on me,’ ” West added. The officer reported finding a baggie that contained suspected marijuana in the defendant’s right, front pocket. The officer also said dispatch informed him that Gibson “had been trespassed from school property.” According to a court record, Gibson pleaded guilty.

Says ‘Cheyenne’ gave it to him

NAME: Jermaine A. Jones

AGE: 21


CHARGE: Driving while the privilege is suspended

DETAILS: Oklahoma state trooper Justin Littlesun on Sep. 3 at about 10:30 p.m. performed a traffic stop on a silver, four-door vehicle that had been traveling north on 52nd West Avenue. The driver, identified as Jermaine A. Jones, said he did not have his license with him. He also told the trooper that his license had been issued by Arkansas. Littlesun found that Jones’ driver’s license had been suspended by the state of Arkansas and arrested him for driving while the privilege was suspended. Littlesun also noted that the steering column on the vehicle was broken and there was no key in the ignition. The trooper asked Jones who owned the vehicle and he reportedly said he did not know. Jones reportedly said the car was given to him by a female named Cheyenne. Jones pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license. The trooper did a check on the vehicle, and records showed it to be registered to a Katherine Bishop of Tulsa, and that there was insurance on it.