School attendance key to success as adult

Lorrie Young J-C correspondent

I hope everyone has adjusted to the time change and the weather. Please remind your kiddos to dress warmly. Shorts are no longer allowed until after spring break.

Happy Veterans Day! I would like to say, thank you for your service and for our freedom!

Upcoming activities:

• Thursday, the pre-k through sixth-graders will attend the play “Straw Into Gold” at The Constantine Theater in Pawhuska, starring our own Samuel Shaw.

• Picture retakes, class photos, and sports photos will be on Friday.

• The junior high and high school basketball teams will leave at 10:30 a.m. on Friday to head to Freedom.

• Thanksgiving Break is Nov. 19-23.

-Jostens will be here on Nov. 27 and 30 to visit and take orders for class rings and senior goodies.

School attendance is very important to get a quality education and important for students when becoming adults. Please have your children at school every day. Schedule appointments early in the morning or late afternoon so they do not have to miss the entire day of school.

A change in attendance this year from the Oklahoma State Department of Education is suspended students’ absences count against them this year. In previous years, they were taken off roll during their suspension, but that has changed. Once your child has missed five days, you will receive a warning letter. If additional days are missed, you will be required to attend Truancy Court in Pawhuska. Please remember that every three tardies equal an absence.

Just an extra reminder that every three tardies will equal an absence. We have several students arriving after 8:30 a.m.; please be aware of your arrival time at school.

As an incentive for the second quarter of school, students who do not miss more than one day and have no more than one tardy for the quarter will attend a movie with popcorn and pop free of charge. Encourage your children to earn this incentive.

Please check your child’s hair frequently for lice. If you need assistance, call the office or the Osage County Health Department. The health department will be here on Wednesday to do head checks. Remind children not to share brushes, headbands, get close to other’s hair, etc. to help in preventing the spreading of lice.

The anti-bullying app “Stop-It” has been presented to students in grades five through 12. This is an anonymous way for students or parents to report bullying. They can download the app to a mobile device or go to the website to make a report.

Please encourage your students to be kind, respectful and responsible. We are continuing to work on positive behavior as well at school.