New clinic opens at Pawhuska Hospital

Robert Smith
Cohesive Healthcare president Godwin Feh, squatting at center, is joined by members of his team at Pawhuska Hospital’s new clinic. From left to right, standing, are Cindy Tillman, Tye Barbee, Kaycie Hansen, Dr. Cameron Rumsey, Heather Arrington, Brenda Johnson and Shauna Fadely. Robert Smith/Journal-Capital

Everything was cake, balloons and smiles last Thursday afternoon at the newly completed Pawhuska Family Medical Clinic, located next to Pawhuska Hospital. The clinic was ready to open, and began seeing patients Monday.

Godwin Feh, president of the company which runs the hospital, Cohesive Healthcare Management, voiced excitement about the new opportunity for patient care that the clinic offers. For Feh, a 35-year-old healthcare entrepreneur originally from Cameroon, it is also a cause for joy.

“It’s a big milestone,” Feh said. “It’s a blessing. Serving the rural community is a blessing.”

Feh credited the construction of the clinic to the progressive outlook of the Pawhuska Hospital board.

“The board of this hospital is a very progressive board,” he said. “They have high expectations.”

While Feh heads up the management team for the hospital and clinic, a young physician with local roots is leading the way when it comes to providing care.

Dr. Cameron Rumsey, who grew up in Pawhuska and returned after studying medicine, is the physician for the clinic as well as medical director at Pawhuska Hospital.

“It provides another access point to healthcare in our community,” Rumsey said of the new clinic. He also said it is special for him, as someone with Osage roots, to be back in the homeland of his people, practicing medicine.

“My initial plans were not to come back, but my path led me here and I am happy to be home,” he said. Dr. Rumsey, 33, is one of three sons of Marie Rumsey, director of Nursing for the Osage Nation, and Brian Rumsey, who holds a managerial position with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. One of Dr. Rumsey’s brothers, Chris, is Information Technology director for Pawhuska Public Schools.

Dr. Rumsey said in a statement that he and his staff hope to continue expanding healthcare opportunities for residents of the local area.

“At one time, Pawhuska relied on four or even five great physicians to care for our people, and we are thankful for the opportunity to play a part in restoring a similar healthcare system for our town,” he said. “We will continue to expand our staff and services and hope the city of Pawhuska, and the rest of our community, will partner with us in future healthcare ventures.”

Hospital board member Beverly Tolson said Thursday she was excited that her stepdaughter, Rachel, would be visiting the clinic Monday of this week for a routine appointment.

Rumsey said he hopes that families already interested in the clinic will soon be joined by others, as the patient base grows.

“We know there is a growing need for more healthcare in our community and the surrounding areas,” he said. “We look forward to meeting our new patients and hope to have a positive impact on our community.”