4 days of fun, competition start Sept. 12

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Since 1913, the annual Osage County Free Fair has been a staple and go-to affair for the people of Osage County. The 2018 Fair runs Sept. 12-15. The event is sponsored and promoted by the Osage County Commissioners. The commissioners are — Jerry Howerton, District One; Kevin Pasley, District Two and Darren McKinney, District Three.

Each commissioner appoints three people to represent their district to serve on the fair board. These fair board members must then seek re-election every few years. Registered voters from the county are also eligible to run for the fair board as positions expire. The 2018 Osage County Fair Board consists of Dee Chambers, Macy Strom, Cyndi Rasberry, Karen Miller, Margie Ford, Sarah Landsaw, Becky King and Johnna Huddleston. Planning for each fair begins immediately following the fair each year. This group has met 10 times for formal meetings along with several work days getting ready for your Osage County Fair.

This year beginning on entry day, Sept. 12, Osage County residents can enjoy four days of fun, competition and entertainment, re-acquaint themselves with neighbors and friends and meet newcomers to the county. There will be contests for the best of everything produced in Osage County, from garden produce and crops to crafts and handiwork, the best livestock and pets, even the most talented vocals. And, don’t forget the fastest turtle. There are no admission charges at the fair, and it doesn’t cost a thing to enter.

For a copy of the Osage County Fair Book visit the Osage County Extension office at the Fairgrounds or download a copy from the “Osage County Free Fair 2018” Facebook page or on the OC Extension website:

Bring your produce

All Osage County residents are encouraged to bring samples of their garden and orchard produce to the Osage County Free Fair. Entry day is on Sept. 13 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There will be entry categories for every type of fruit and vegetable grown in the county. There are even classes for hay, grasses, legumes and houseplants and cut flowers.

2 school days

Beginning at 9 a.m. Sept. 13, the Osage County Free Fair will open its doors to the public. This year there will actually be two school days at the fair. In an effort to better serve area schools, the fair board is offering Thursday and Friday for county schools to bring their students out to the fair to see what Osage County residents are producing in their county and to have a little fun too. There will also be vendors of every type and fun and informational booths set up for the kids and educators to see.

— Osage County Free Fair Board