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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Caulin Wade Orcutt

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital call Robert Smith at (918) 287-7366.


NAME: John Mykal Hood

AGE: 33



DETAILS: On July 7, Trooper Romulus Gregory was dispatched to State Highway 11, just west of Barnsdall, on a report of a man standing in the road yelling for help. Gregory arrived at the area and found a man who was very cut up and possibly had just broken into a nearby house. Gregory went by house that had possibly been burglarized. Gregory determined that the man had gone to the house in order to call for help. Gregory noticed the man is bleeding heavily and had a laceration on his hand. Hood told Gregory that he was riding his motorcycle and crashed it “up the road somewhere.” Gregory investigated and found a wrecked motorcycle in a nearby field. Deputy Porter told Gregory that he found the man screaming and yelling and that he appeared to be under the influence of illegal drugs. Gregory went to the hospital to speak with Hood. The driver told Gregory that he was in the process of buying the motorcycle and did not have a bill of sale or insurance. While Gregory was asking him his name, he said “my name is John; that’s all you need to know.” Gregory noticed the man got excited and began “flopping on the floor and crawling around.” Gregory noticed the man had bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. Gregory asked Hood if he had had anything to drink or done any drugs. Hood did not answer. He refused to take a breathalyzer or any kind of sobriety test. Gregory later discovered that the man’s driver’s license was false and displayed a different date of birth from his real birth date when compared to his previous drivers licenses in Kansas and Oklahoma.

NAME: Caulin Wade Orcutt

AGE: 33



DETAILS: On July 8, Trooper Adam Beck was on patrol near U.S. Highway 60 and State Highway 18 when he spotted a car pass by him with a cracked windshield and no visible license plate. Beck pulled the car over for a traffic stop and noticed the driver smelled of alcohol. Beck asked the driver how much he’d had to drink. He said he had been drinking the previous night and stopped at about five in the morning. Beck noticed he has slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Beck administered a field-sobriety test and determined Orcutt was too intoxicated to drive safely. He blew 0.12 on the breathalyzer.

NAME: Darrell Wayne Hamblin

AGE: 53


CHARGE: Child endangerment by DUI, DUI, suspended license

DETAILS: On July 8, Trooper Justin Garrison was on patrol near 103rd St. North and 68th W. Ave. when he spotted a car following another car too closely with its high beams on. Garrison pulled the car over for a traffic stop. Garrison noticed there was a man driving, a woman in the front passenger seat, and a juvenile boy in the back seat. Garrison checked with dispatch and discovered the driver has a suspended license. Garrison asked him if he’d had anything to drink. He said he hadn’t. Garrison asked him if he smoked marijuana. He admitted that he did. Hamblin said he had last smoked about 3 a.m. the previous night. Garrison administered a field-sobriety test and determined he was too intoxicated to drive safely. He refused a breathalyzer test.

NAME: Cody Joseph Porter

AGE: 32


NAME: Michael Joseph Demaro

AGE: 42


NAME: Beverly Sue Jones

AGE: 37

RESIDENCE: Claremore

CHARGE: Knowingly concealing stolen property

DETAILS: On June 27, Investigator Steve Talburt was dispatched to investigate a theft report. On June 27, deputies were dispatched to a house on 30th W. Ave in Sperry to recover a stolen travel trailer. Deputies checked the vehicle identification number against the VIN of the trailer reported stolen and confirmed that it was the same trailer. Deputies went in the trailer to check for occupants and found a cut Veridigris Valley Electric Coop lock. Talburt noted that deputies had just taken a stolen-cattle report before going to the house, where a Verdigris’ lock had been cut from a gate where the cattle were. On June 29, Talburtand other officers executed a search warrant on the trailer and found it was loaded with personal items and documents belonging to Michael Joseph Demaro and Beverly Sue Jones. Talburt also found evidence that Cody Porter knew the trailer was stolen and allowed it to be kept at his house.

NAME: Quante Dejuan Oden

AGE: 26


CHARGE: Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of firearm during commission of felony, paraphernalia

DETAILS: There was no affidavit available.

NAME: Herman Wayne Carlisle

AGE: 52


CHARGE: Knowingly concealing stolen property, possession of methamphetamine, paraphernalia.

DETAILS: On July 5, Investigator Terry York was dispatched to County road 4420 near Webb City to assist Sgt. Brett Barnett. Barnett told York that he had just placed Herman Carlisle under arrest for an outstanding Osage County warrant. York knew that Carlisle was a suspect in several oil field thefts in the area. Barnett noticed that Carlisle had several items that were similar to the ones reported stolen. York searched the truck and found a marijuana pipe, some marijuana, and some methamphetamine.

NAME: Onterrio Shon Willis

AGE: 44


CHARGE: Providing false or misleading information

DETAILS: On May 23, Deputy Anthony Barrett was dispatched to a house in Heritage Hills to check if a registered sex offender was living there. Barrett went to the house on two occasions and spoke with three different people who lived there. They all told Barrett that the man hasn’t been living there.

NAME: Michael E. Slaughter

AGE: 60


CHARGE: DUI, suspended license

DETAILS: On July 10, Pawhuska Police Department’s Tammi Batman was on patrol on State Highway 99 near the Kum & Go when she spotted car make a wide turn and cross over the fog line. Batman went to pull the car over for a traffic stop. The driver continued until stopping at a driveway on 21st Street. The driver told Batman that he didn’t have a license. Batman noticed he smells of alcohol and had slurred speech. She asked him to take a field sobriety test and Slaughter refused the test.


NAME: Aron Atrayhue Cheatwood

AGE: 19


CHARGE: Protective order violation

DETAILS: On June 27, Skiatook Police Department’s Johnny Okerson was dispatched to the Skiatook city swimming pool on a report of a protective order violation. Okerson arrived on scene and learned that Aron Cheatwood was there at the same time as another person he had a protective order against. A pool worker told Okerson this when he asked Cheatwood to leave due to the protective order. He called the pool worker a name. Dispatch confirmed that Cheatwood had an active protective order. Cheatwood eventually left the pool area but hung out by the fence, saying he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t be there. He also said he couldn’t do anything because “she is everywhere.”

NAME: Jackie Nicole Thornburg

AGE: 25


CHARGE: Actual physical control, possession of methamphetamineDETAILS: On June 28, Pawhuska Police Department’s Paris Robertson was on patrol on Main Street when he spotted a car sitting in front of a closed business. Due to recent burglaries, Robertson stopped to check on the car. He noticed Jacki Thornburg was sitting in the car and the engine was running. Robertson noticed she seemed to have very erratic movements and smelled of alcohol. Robertson administered a field-sobriety test and determined she was too intoxicated to drive safely. Dispatch told Robertson that Thornburg didn’t have a valid license. He took inventory of the car and found a small amount of methamphetamine.

NAME: Danny Dakota Blevins

AGE: 21



DETAILS: On Oct. 6, 2017, a Skiatook police officer was dispatched to Rogers Boulevard. For a report of a car accident. The officer arrived on scene and spoke with the driver. He notices the driver has slow, sluggish movements and a relaxed look on his face. The officer asks if there is anything illegal in the car. The driver stutters and gives a vague answer. The officer asked again, and the man seemed to be very nervous. Officers searched the car and found some marijuana. The driver admitted that he smoked some marijuana about two hours before the accident. He said he has two pins and 14 screws in his back and was constantly in pain.

NAME: Randa Thompson

AGE: 29


CHARGE: Unauthorized use of credit card

DETAILS: On April 2, a Skiatook police officer was dispatched to the Skiatook Police Department for a report of a stolen credit card. The officer spoke with the victim. The victim told the officer that he lost his credit card. He said that he checked his account after realizing its lost and saw someone tried to use his card at Walmart twice, but it was declined. He said he then saw the card had been used at a Red Box movie rental kiosk. He says he’s never used a Red Box in his life. The officer spoke with an Walmart asset protection officer and was able to find surveillance footage of a woman using the stolen credit card. In the surveillance video, the woman is able to be identified as Randa Thompson by her name tag on her work uniform.

NAME: Nicodemius Rajore Sanders

AGE: 23


CHARGE: Unauthorized use of credit card

DETAILS: On April 7, a Skiatook police department officer was dispatched to a house on Scenic Lane for a report of an unauthorized use of a debit card. Wilson arrives on scene and spoke with the victim. She told Wilson that she let her son use her car but forgot she left her debit card in it. She said that she got on her bank application on her phone later and discovered there were several transactions at the ATM at Kum & Go in Skiatook, two of the transactions being cash withdrawals for $120 and $80 from the ATM. Wilson checked the surveillance footage from the store and confirmed that it was her son using her debit card.

NAME: Celia Annette Tucker

AGE: 29


CHARGE: Knowingly concealing stolen property

DETAILS: On April 11, a side-by-side refrigerator was reported stolen from a rental home in Buffalo, Mo. The victim said that the refrigerator was stolen by an ex-renter, Celia Tucker. Tucker’s cousin-in-law allegedly claimed that Tucker intentionally took the refrigerator and didn’t think she would be prosecuted because she wouldn’t be found in Shidler. Deputy Don Laxson found Tucker in Shidler. Laxson noticed Tucker was in possession of the refrigerator. He asked her how she got it. She said that she took it from her house in Missouri. She was unable to give Laxson any proof of ownership or documentation for the refrigerator.

NAME: Devena Kay Crawford

AGE: 39


CHARGE: Malicious injury to property, public intoxication

DETAILS: On July 1, Deputy Dessie Lake was dispatched to Lakeview Lane in Prue on a report of a vandalized car. Lake arrived on scene and spoke with the victim and a witness. The victim told Lake that his neighbors had been drinking outside and causing a disturbance with their party. He said that he left his house to go check on a bed-ridden friend down the road, and when he came back, a woman was standing on the side of the road with something behind her back. He says that he stopped and rolled down his window because something seemed wrong. He said the woman then started yelling “You ran over my dog! You killed my dog!” and hitting his car with a wooden club. Lake went to speak with the suspect. She gave Lake a similar statement. She said that she was extremely upset because he ran over her dog and admitted to vandalizing his car. Lake documents the damage to the car and the scene from where the dog was run over.

NAME: Cara Diane Carroll

AGE: 29


CHARGE: Acts resulting in gross injury, paraphernalia

NAME: John Michael Goff

AGE: 28


CHARGE: Obstructing officer, public intoxication

DETAILS: On June 29, Sgt. Brett Barnett was dispatched to Glasgow Road on a report of a car parked with its lights out and a man standing by it. Barnett arrived on scene and found a car backed up to a field with a man (later identified as John Goff) standing outside of it in his underwear. Barnett looked into the car and found a woman with no clothes on. Barnett has them put on some clothes. Barnett spoke with the man and noticed he has slurred speech and dilated pupils. He gave Barnett several fake names when asked to identify himself. The woman gave Barnett permission to search the car. Barnett searched and finds a used syringe in the glove box and a box of unused syringes under the seat. A short time later, a man pulled up to the scene in a pickup. He told Barnett that his daughter lives in a house just to the northeast, and she called him and said a car pulled up by her house and a man knocked on her door and left. Barnett placed Goff and the woman (Cara Diane Carroll) under arrest. While placing him under arrest, Barnett noticed he tried to pull away and knock Barnett over and escape. Barnett then learns his real identity and that he has warrants in Osage and Kay County.

NAME: Adam Odell Mitts

AGE: 28


CHARGE: Possession of methamphetamine, paraphernalia

DETAILS: On June 30, Pawhuska Police Department’s Paris Robertson was on patrol near Eighth and Woodward when he spotted a person at the Skate Park. Due to it being late at night and the park being closed, Robertson went to check on them. Robertson approached the man and noticed he was covering his left pocket. Robertson asked him if he had any weapons on his person. He said he had a pocket knife. Robertson asked him if he can pat him down. Mitts said, yes. Robertson patted him down and found some methamphetamine and a needle in his pocket.

NAME: Charles Leo Reese

AGE: 28


CHARGE: Possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, suspended license, no insurance

DETAILS: On June 28, Pawhuska Police Department’s Blake Burch was on patrol near Main and Leahy when he spotted a driver slouched over in a car. Burch noticed the driver looked at him and looked away quickly. Burch followed the car and the driver made an abrupt turn and merged into the other lane, causing other drivers to be forced off the road to avoid a collision. Burch made a traffic stop. Burch checked with dispatch and discovered the driver had a suspended license and no insurance. Burch does a pre-tow inventory of the car and found some marijuana and a pipe. The driver admitted that the marijuana and pipe were his.

NAME: Abigal Elizabeth Pryor

AGE: 34


CHARGE: Possession of Oxycodone, possession of Xanax, reckless driving

DETAILS: On June 28, Pawhuska Police Department’s Robert Rulo was on patrol on East Boundary when he noticed a car driving recklessly, making wide turns, hitting a curb, and nearly running into a mailbox. Rulo pulled the car over for a traffic stop and noticed it smelled like marijuana. Rulo searched her purse and found some Oxycodone and Xanax pills.

NAME: Amber Dawn Skinner

AGE: 32


CHARGE: Paraphernalia

DETAILS: On July 3, Pawhuska Police Department’s William Wamego was on patrol on 12th Street when he noticed a car in front of him had an altered license tag. Wamego pulled the car over for a traffic stop. Wamego checked with dispatch and discovered the driver, Stevee Von Flash Gordon, had a suspended license. During the stop, Wamego noticed there was a used syringe and some white residue near it. Wamego had all of the occupants get out. He searched the car and items inside of it. In one of the passengers’ (Amber Dawn Skinner) purses, he finds a marijuana pipe with some burnt residue in it.