12 ladies vye for Cavalcade Queen crown

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Aiyana Jackson

Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith is proudly riding for the Drumright Roundup Club. Smith, 24, of Ponca City, is the daughter of Jimmy and Stacie Smith.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: I’ve actually competed for the Cavalcade Queen title once before, as well as breakaway roped and ran barrels. I really have to say that my favorite memory is the camaraderie of all the contestants. Everyone here seems to cheer each other on, and that positivity is amazing.

Message to Cavalcade fans: Rise up. We are brought here together by a common love of the sport of rodeo. We all have different backgrounds and come from different walks of life, but when we all make the choice to rise up over whatever tries to hold us back, we share a common goal as well as the interest in rodeo.

Best thing about rodeo: The family values that are embodied. A rodeo family is just that, another family. We support each other emotionally, we pray together, and we see each other through all the best of days and the occasional not so good ones.

Best thing about being rodeo queen: The 365 days of blessings that you can share with others by promoting, representing, and educating people about your title and the rodeo we are affiliated with.

Elizabeth Thompson

Proudly wearing the sash of the 4-Bar Roundup Club is Elizabeth Thompson, 18, of Drumright. She is the daughter of Marshal Thompson and Teresa Thompson.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: When I was eight years old and competed in the Breakaway Roping. It’s memorable to me because that Cavalcade was the very first rodeo I ever entered.

Message to Cavalcade fans: The reason I wanted to come to Cavalcade and run for queen is I feel that I can encourage our next generation to continue the sport of rodeo.

Best thing about rodeo: The camaraderie of our sport where everyone is there to support each other. I love being a part of the greatest sport in history.

Best thing about being rodeo queen: If I were crowned Cavalcade Queen (I would) bring Cavalcade to new places and inspire them to join.

Stephanie Pearson

Proudly wearing the sash of 3J’s Riding Club is Stephanie Pearson, 27, of Morrison.

Best thing about rodeo: Our loyalty to our country, our soldiers, and most of all to our Savior. You will never attend a rodeo that does not start by giving thanks, and praying over our contestants.

Best thing about her horse: His heart. He has followed me from town to town, and no matter where I take him or what I ask him to do, he always gives me his whole heart.

Best thing about being rodeo queen: To always lead by example, help wherever I’m needed, and be a positive influence not only for the younger generation of contestants but for the community as well.

Cowgirl who inspires: The cowgirl who inspires me the most is Hailey Kinsel because she is a dreamer, believer, and a perfect role model for all ages. She is backed by her own support team which is Christ and her family.

Summer Koster

Proudly wearing the sash of Tiawah Hills Riding Club is Summer Koster, 19, of Claremore. She is the wife of Jake Koster.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: Playing charades with all the queen contestants.

Message to Cavalcade fans: It’s not about the run or the time, it’s about the experience along the ride.

Best thing about rodeo: When the crowd gets into it and participates in the rodeo.

Cowgirl who inspires: The cowgirl who inspires me the most is Teresa Leake. She taught me how to handle my crazy horses and took me in as one of her own.

Aiyana Jackson

Representing the Owasso Roundup Club is Aiyana Jackson, 17, of Barnsdall. She is the niece of Kathleen and Ernie Jackson.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: The street dance last year where I got to dance with an old friend, and my aunt who taught me a new dance.

Why I am running for queen: The past two years I have been very close to making the Top 5 in the Queen’s Event. The Queen’s Event is something very different than what I normally do; also, it’s a great learning experience.

Best thing about being a Rodeo Queen: Going to different places, doing different things, and getting to meet other queens and people.

Best thing about my club: How friendly, nice, and outgoing they have always been. The Owasso Roundup Club has been the only club I’ve ridden with since I was eight years old.

Mikeala Deerdoff

Proudly wearing the sash of the Talala Rebels Riding Club is Mikeala Deerdoff, 17, of Oologah. She is the daughter of Tommy Deerdoff and Julie Garret.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: Competing in the speed events every year, but mainly camping with family friends.

Best thing about rodeo: Being able to do what you love with others who love it just as much, if not more, than you.

Best thing about being rodeo queen: Having little girls come up to you to ask for a picture or an autograph.

Cowgirl who inspires: Summer Koster, mainly because I’ve grown up with her as a role model, and she has been by my side to help me with anything I’ve set my mind to.

Sage Christian

Proudly riding in for 3J’s Future Stars is Sage Christian, 14, from Morrison. She is the daughter of Troy and Jennifer Christian.

Message to Cavalcade fans: Always remember where you came from to help you fulfill your future goals.

Why I’m running for queen: To fulfill a dream I have had since I came to my first Cavalcade. I have always wanted to run for Cavalcade Queen.

If I were crowned queen: To continue to educate the public, young and old, on Rodeo and how it teaches you responsibility, attitude, sportsmanship, and work ethic to help you in your everyday life.

Cowgirl who inspires: Annie Oakley. She was a great marksman and show woman who campaigned for equal pay for equal work for women.

Delaney Cottingim

Proudly representing the Cowpokes Roundup Club is Delaney Cottingim, 17, of Oologah. She is the daughter of JimBob and Brandy Cottingim.

Best thing about Roundup clubs: How we all come together no matter what to help one another or anyone that is in need. We put our all into Cavalcade and you won’t ever miss the whooping of our Cowpokes when we’re gathered.

Why I’m running for queen: The International Cavalcade is such an iconic and legendary rodeo. Being able to represent and hold a title as prestigious as the Cavalcade Queen would help me grow as a spokesperson, and rodeo influencer.

Best thing about being queen: The children. Watching their faces light up when they see a queen is such a humbling moment. It is a reminder that no matter how hard something may get, you have someone who is looking up to you.

If I were to be crowned queen: I believe everything starts with our youth. We are influencers and promoters, so it is our job to do just that. I would start by going to schools to speak with children about the great sport of rodeo. Also, going to as many rodeos as possible and getting involved with local activities to help promote the international Cavalcade.

Cori Ingram

The Skiatook Roundup Club proudly sends Cori Ingram, 20, of Collinsville. She is the daughter of Jill and Steve Ingram.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: Being able to be a part of the old water balloon fight between Collinsville and Owasso after a long hot day.

Best thing about rodeo: How family oriented the sport of rodeo is. You are never too old or young to either compete or be a spectator. The environment that comes with the sport is where I have found forever friends that continue to lift me up.

Why I want to be queen: Ever since I was little, Cavalcade is a place that holds some of the most memorable events in my life. I meet new friends, learn new things, and make great memories every year. I would love the opportunity to represent a rodeo that holds so much heritage for me as well as so many others.

Cowgirl who inspires: Phyllis Chism. Without her, I would not be the cowgirl that I am today. Her love for the western lifestyle is inspiring and influences me on a daily basis.

Cambry Hicks

Riding in for the Kellyville Roundup Club is Cambry Hicks, 18, of Kellyville. She is the daughter of Jeramy Hicks and April Hollan.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: Always the street dances. I love the feel of a small town get-together to kick off the start of a great rodeo.

Why I want to be queen: Growing up in the rodeo circuit, Cavalcade has been part of my life since I was a little girl. Every year I have watched beautiful cowgirls represent their club in hopes of being crowned the Cavalcade Queen. I have always dreamed that one year that cowgirl would be me. It would be an incredible honor to represent a rodeo that is the definition of the western way of life.

If I were crowned queen: To take the title to Miss Rodeo USA. I would also like to travel to other rodeos promoting the Cavalcade and the sport of rodeo.

Cowgirl who inspires: Dale Evans. She had class, beauty and defined a cowgirl like they should be.

Rachel Harrold

Representing the Dentonville Rough Riders is Rachel Harrold, 21, of Beggs. She is the daughter of Chuck and Paula Harrold.

Favorite Cavalcade memory: When I made it back to the finals for Intermediate Poles on my little grey pony, Pepper.

Best thing about Cavalcade: Spending it with friends and family, and competing in the sport of rodeo. But I am most excited about getting to experience the thrill and excitement of being in the grand entry every night and proudly holding the flag of our country.

Message to Cavalcade fans: Never give up on your dreams and anything is possible.

Best thing about being queen: Having a positive impact on future queens. Knowing that some little girl in the stands is dreaming to compete or be a rodeo queen one day, makes me want to perform and be the best that I can be.

Sierra Sidlo

Proudly representing the Sisco Kids Roundup Club is Sierra Sidlo, 18, of Ponca City. She is the daughter of Kristy Buck.

A few words from this Cowgirl:

Message to Cavalcade fans: Just because your path is different, doesn’t mean you’re lost.

Best thing about rodeo: No matter what arena you are at, you get to be yourself and you are treated like family.

Why I want to be queen: To honor a family tradition of competing at Cavalcade.

Best thing about being queen: Getting to be a role model to all the young ladies and to show them to stand up for what’s right regardless of popularity.