Osage County supports marijuana question

Robert Smith

A clear majority of Osage County voters who cast ballots June 26 supported the medical marijuana state question. Results from the Osage County Election Board showed 7,005 voters, or 57.30 percent, cast “yes” votes for the medical marijuana initiative.

Statewide, Question 788, regarding medical marijuana, passed with 56.84 percent voting “yes.”

In other election results June 26, Ed Quinton Jr. defeated Natasha Yancey for the Republican nomination for county assessor. Quinton received 3,227 votes, or 57.78 percent of GOP ballots cast in that race, while Yancey received 2,358 votes, or 42.22 percent of ballots cast.

In state-level races with strong local components, Mike Fisher laid a landslide defeat on incumbent District Attorney Rex Duncan. In District 10, which includes Osage and Pawnee counties, Fisher received 4,916 votes, or 64.58 percent in the Republican primary, while Duncan received 2,696 votes, or 35.42 percent.

In Osage County, Fisher received 3,674 votes to 2,007 for Duncan. The Republican nominee for district attorney is slated to face an independent candidate, Bob Buchanan of Pawnee, in the November general election.

In the House District 36 race, there will now be an Aug. 28 Republican runoff between incumbent Rep. Sean Roberts, who received 33.04 percent of the vote in a five-candidate race, and challenger Louise Red Corn, who received 32.13 percent of the vote. Jared Lemmons ran third with 16.30 percent.

In the Osage County portion of District 36, Red Corn led the way with 34 percent, while Roberts had 31.48 percent.

There will also be a Republican runoff in Senate District 10, where Bill Coleman of Ponca City led June 26 with 48.47 percent of the vote. Amber Roberts ran second with 27.46 percent and will face Coleman in the runoff. Gary Lanham was third Tuesday, with 24.06 percent.

In the Osage County portion of District 10, Coleman received 39.70 percent, to 32.08 percent for Lanham and 28.22 percent for Roberts.

In the House District 37 race, Ken Luttrell defeated Steve Vaughan. Luttrell received 57.93 percent of the vote district-wide. In Osage County, Luttrell received 55.21 percent.

In the House District 10 race, incumbent Travis Dunlap and Judd Strom will face each other in an Aug. 28 runoff. In the district, Dunlap received 2,615 (46 percent) and Strom garnered 2,378 (42 percent) of the vote.

In Osage County, Strom outpolled Dunlap, 193-171.