GFWC Heeko Club selects officers

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Officers for the coming year were installed when the GFWC Heeko Club met for the final meeting of the club year at 1 p.m. on May 11 at the home of Sherry Williams. Co-hostesses were Lu King, Sue Moyer and Patty Gambill.

Debbie Reed, club president, called the meeting to order, and led in reciting the salute to the flag and the club Pledge. Williams, recording secreatry, called the roll, which was answered by 14 members. Reed read minutes of the previous meeting. Paula Rabb gave the treasurer’s report.

It was announced by Barbara Strahm that the Constantine Center will present a play, ‘Happiness Never After,’ which was presented on May 14 and 15 at the theater. Music was featured along with the story-line. Funds from the sale of the tickets are being used to help with the purchase of some badly needed new air conditioners for the theater.

Lu King announced that the State Department of Libraries has already had to cut by a third of its budget. Now, instead of being a seperate department, Libraries could be put under the Secretary of State, or some other department to which it has no connection. Our library not only provides education, literature and reading materials to people of all ages, they provide computers where people can pay their bills, apply for a job requiring computer reply, pay their taxes, keep in touch with family, contract business and order parts and supplies or other necessities, and every day for students to write reports and do homework. Several fun, educational programs for children will be held this summer.

Geraldine Enyart, corresponding secretary, stated she had written three letters concerning new prospective club members. Dean Shoemate told of the Osage County Historical Society annual dinner that was held May 20 at the Methodist Church Family Life Center. Featuring the theme, ‘Heroes and Legends of Osage County,’ local men will be honored, and new members will be elected to the OCHS Board of Directors.

Club bylaws were presented by the by-laws committee, and were adopted. New officers for the coming year, installed by Debbie Reed, using appropriate comic hats, included Joyce Ward, president; Lu King, vice president; Rene Weyl, recording secreatary, and Geraldine Enyart, corresponding secretary. The meeting was closed with the recitation of the Club Women’s Collect, and refreshments were served by the co-hostesses.

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