Wynona News

Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent


Jan. 1 was the date to get new stickers for four-wheelers in Wynona. Stickers are to be renewed every year. Just a renewal for formerly registered, and a new registration requires paperwork to be filled out. Stickers are $5 each. If someone is caught without a current sticker, a citation can be issued.


Wynona cheerleaders are creating a recipe book. This will be a great way to share your favorite family recipes with the community.

Cookbooks will cost $15 each. The cheerleaders are asking friends and family to help by sending in your favorite recipes by email or just sending it to the school with your kids or family and they can give it to the office or to a cheerleader.

Anyone who has a recipe that they would like to share, please send it in to the cheerleaders and they will put it in the book, be sure to put your name at the bottom of each recipe.


(Submitted by Shelley Shulanberger, superintendent )

There are six weeks of school left. Wow! How the school year has flown by.

Elementary students will begin the OCCT testing next week. Please remember, students need to get a good night of sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast. The state testing is very important, so please help get the children to take testing seriously.

The elementary-high school will be testing during the next three weeks of school. Please make sure they are at school every day and to be on time so the teachers do not have to schedule make-up test sessions.

Our softball and baseball teams are doing a fantastic job. The high school girls’ team will play in a softball festival in Glencoe on Friday, April 8. The junior high softball team will play in Copan on April 14. The baseball team’s next game is at home against Copan on April 14. Hope to see you there supporting our players.