Announcement expected on well restoration plans

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Energy leaders, including officials with the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, are scheduled to make a major announcement Wednesday concerning the restoration of 15,000 well sites in the state.

Plans reportedly involve the spending of $100 million on the project. The announcement is expected to include a revelation as to where Oklahoma’s 15,000th restored well site will be located.

Since 1994, OERB’s uniquely Oklahoma restoration program has provided a practical and economical remedy for environmental problems caused by orphaned and abandoned well sites. The work has yielded thousands of acres of clean Oklahoma land, now used for family farming, community parks, fishing ponds and more.

A $100 million voluntary investment toward the beautification of 15,000 sections of Oklahoma land is a significant milestone for a program that continues to bring economic development to the city and state while enhancing and refurbishing the Oklahoma landscape — despite any industry setbacks, restoration carries on.