Drummond deli to open in August

Mike ErwinJournal-Capital

August is being projected as the month that “The Pioneer Woman,” Ree Drummond, plans to open a deli/restaurant in the former Osage Mercantile Building at the corner of Kihekah and Main Street.

Renovations to the historic downtown building have been underway since 2012.

Last week, it had been erroneously reported that no announcement had been made regarding the deli opening — which has been highly anticipated here as well as outside of this community.

A Feb. 10 posting on “The Pioneer Woman” blog made the announcement.

“It might be August 1, or it might be August 11, or it may possibly be August 17, 22, or 27. But August, August, August is looking good, good, good! And oh, man. I’m so jazzed up about it,” Mrs. Drummond wrote on her website. “I just wanted to come right out with the opening date at the very beginning of this post because it’s the first time I’ve been comfortable saying a specific date.”

“Up until now, ever since Marlboro Man and I began our labor-of-love building project, I’ve been more loosey-goosey with the possible opening date, knowing just how far we’ve had to go to get to that point,” her posting noted. “But it’s all moving forward now and so many things are falling so naturally in place…and if you thought I was excited about the project before…I’m pretty much over the moon and wigging out with excitement (well, relatively speaking) now. I really can’t wait! (But I’m sure glad it’s six months away. We’ve got stuff to do.)

Ree and Ladd Drummond recently acquired a second historic building downtown. Late last month, the couple purchased the former J.C. Penney building at 540 Kihekah Ave. — in the same block as their other local project. The latest acquisition has most recently been operated as Premier Gun and Pawn.

At last blog-check, no plans had been announced for the Drummond’s latest acquisition.