Tennie SlonneJ-C Correspondent


Submitted by Wynona School

Superintendent Shelley Shulanberger

The elementary and junior high basketball teams will play in Shidler on Thursday, Jan. 28. The bus will leave at 3:15.

Make plans to attend the Alumni vs. High School Basketball team on Friday, Jan. 29. The girls game will start at 5:30 and the boys game will follow. The junior high basketball team will be serving in the concession stand. All proceeds go to the athletic department to help purchase equipment. Thanks in advance for your support!

The women’s alumni team will include Melissa Cole, Stormy Bledsoe, Stacia Batton, Cheyenne Patrick, Kailey Parker, Mindy Delaney, Tammy Delaney, Becky Lott, Sara Lott, Amanda Stansberry, Chandra Hough. The men’s team includes Chase Robinson, Robbie Robinson, Nick Christianson, Jake Barnes, Steven Holt, J T Hough, Brandon Mosley, William Mosley, Joseph Lott. Joel Reinford, Justin Horton, Derek Stanton, Hunter Taylor, Cory Kanke and Mike Lott.

Just a reminder: students should not be at school before 8 a.m.

We wanted to say “Thank You” to the Farm-to-School program for visiting our elementary.


The Wynona Police would like to once again remind everyone that there is a leash law which requires dogs are to be confined to their owner’s property. There have been numerous reports of dogs tearing up other people’s trash and messing up property. Citations will be issued to those who allow their dogs to run at large.


Wynona Board of Trustees met for their January meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

The Board conducted regular business, then voted to purchase a 2000 Chevy pickup from Kelley’s Trucks because the other truck was almost beyond repair. They also voted to put the other truck, a 1999 Chevy, up for bids, along with some office chairs.

In a final agenda item, the Board voted to have Chief Lenington pursue a grant with OHSO for the Police Department. Attending the meeting: Donna Swanner, Brian Lenington, Loretta Little, Nancy Deatherage, Della Carter, Janet Delaney, Johnnie Lott and Tennie Slone.