In-Lon-Schka dances held in new arbor

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
In-Lon-Schka dances held in new arbor

In-Lon-Schka, the ceremonial dances of the Osages, concluded last weekend at a newly-constructed arbor in Pawhuska Indian Village. The four-day event culminated a month-long tribal celebration which began at the Grayhorse village grounds near Fairfax on June 4-7. In-Lon-Schka dancing continued in Hominy from June 11-14.

Final touches were still being made at the new local facility when the traditional dances started Thursday.

Osages adopted the dance ceremonies in the mid-1880s. Originally intended as a rite of manhood, In-Lon-Schka translates to mean “Playground of the Eldest Son.”

Osages from all around the country attend the three, four-day events. In-Lon-Schka takes place on ceremonial grounds that were set aside in each of the former reservation’s districts for the tribe’s three primary divisions.