Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent


Wynonans are urged to clean up their property for Wynona Founder’s Day, June 13. We will be having a lot of out of town guests and want to present a good look for our town. There will be lots of activities going on for Founder’s Day, including a parade, games, burgers for lunch and street dance in the evening. Everyone make plans now by cleaning up and planning to come to Wynona Founders Day 2015!


Founder’s Day is quickly approaching, June 13, and the town is having the Little Mr. & Mrs. Contest for children ages 6 and under. Deadline to enter your child is Friday, May 29.

To enter your child, please call or text Tosha Greenleaf at 918-440-0422 or stop by DJ’s Burgers in Wynona.

There will be three age groups: 0-2 years old, 3 and 4 years old, and 5 and 6 years old. One boy and one girl from each age group will win.

If you are interested in setting up a booth at Founder’s Day it is $15 for booth space. Message, Text or Call me or anyone on the committee and we can help you! Share with everyone you may know! Founder’s Day is June 13th!


Seniors citizens age 55 and older can come to the Wynona Town Hall from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, June 8, to get their produce vouchers for Farmers Market. This is an excellent opportunity for those age 55 and older to get fresh fruits and veggies. Please pass the word on to neighbors and friends.


Submitted by Supt. Dixie Hurd

As the school year closes, I would like to remind all students in grades 8 - 10 that they may apply for Oklahoma’s Promise.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer full of reading and learning as well as a relaxing and fun time!


The Wynona Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, May 19, for their regular meeting.

In addition to regular business, the Board voted to switch finances over to online banking. They discussed getting a credit card machine and decided to wait until employees get more familiar with online banking.

The Board also discussed the Trash Service and since they had more than one wanting to bid, voted to advertise for bids on trash service and open bids and vote at the next meeting.

They also appointed signers for each bank account, the town treasurer, town clerk and Mayor.

The Board voted to modify the ordinance pertaining to the number of volunteer firefighters the Fire Department could have, raising the maximum to 24. They discussed having a fire inspector in the town, but after hearing all the changes that would have to be made to ordinances and staff, voted against it.

The Board voted to put new timers on the school lights so that they would only flash during school times, not 24/7.

Attending the meeting were; Brian Lenington, Donna Swanner, Richard and Sandy Byrd, Darrel with J C & Sons, Linda Ware, Johnnie Lott, Loretta Little, Della Carter, Janet Delaney and Tennie Slone.


In other town news, Fire Chief Lance Ryerson, Emergency Management Director Jim Jim Lott and Police Chief Brian Lenington have been working to get three tornado sirens installed. The sirens were donated to the town by the City of Pawhuska.

The sirens will help to get out to all of Wynona residents in the event of bad weather. We really do want to express our appreciation to the City of Pawhuska for their donation.

Jim Jim Lott has been looking for a solution to the siren problem for 3-4 years and everything that he could come up with was too expensive.

Thanks again to the City of Pawhuska for their donation!