Wynona News

Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent


(Submitted by Superintendent Dixie Hurd)

The Monday following spring break, March 23, will be our kindergarten round-up. The students who will be in the 5-year-old kindergarten will be screened for readiness. Any student who will be 5 by Sept. 1, 2015, are invited to attend this screening. It will be from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Parents of 4-year-old kindergarten students are asked to attend with their children.

Because we have an extended school day, we will not have to make up the day we missed on March 4, for a snow day. We will also be out of school on March 30. Parents, students and teachers are encouraged to rally at the capitol to help bring more funding to education. This would be a great learning experience for children. If you can join us that day, please do!


Just a reminder that the foyer in the Wynona Town Hall is our library and there are tons of books to choose from. Feel free to come and get all the books you want, no time limit to bring them back. We also accept books from those who want to donate. It is amazing how many new titles there are. There is no charge, no hassles, just come and get what you want, bring them back when you want and enjoy!

There are also some clothes of all sizes for anyone who needs them. We are happy to help out if we have the sizes you need, again, all free.


It seems that the roll off dumpster that we have in town has opened up a whole new set of problems. People are dumping everything imaginable and literally tons of it.

First of all, the roll off is only for Wynona Utility customers. Secondly, dumping tires is not allowed! Neither is dumping paint, chemicals, building supplies, etc. The town was billed for 14 tires, that we were charged $5 each to haul off, total of $70.00, plus with all the extra trash, we were billed for an additional $702.00. The Town cannot afford this type of expense. The contract with J C & Sons is for 2 roll off dumps per month. We used four last month.

People from out of town, or from other towns are not allowed to use the roll off. The roll off is for Wynona residents and for household trash only. Anyone who is caught dumping illegally will be subject to a fine!