Wilson unseats incumbent in school board race

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Patricia Wilson was the winning candidate in last week’s local School Board election.

Wilson defeated incumbent Tom Boone, Jr., and another challenger in the Tuesday, Feb. 10, race. Her election was to Pawhuska Board of Education Seat No. 5 for a full, five-year term.

Voting results certified by the Osage County Election Board on Friday showed Wilson to be the outright winner of the contest. Shortly after the polls closed, however, it was reported that an April runoff would be needed to determine a winner between the two candidates with the highest vote totals.

Election officials later revealed that Wilson had received one vote more than needed to secure the victory. The winning candidate was selected on 239 ballots­, which surpassed Boone’s 213 votes by 26. Matthew Gray, the third candidate in the race, received 23 votes.

Wilson’s vote total represented 50.3 percent of the 475 ballots that were cast in the race, giving her a victory margin of approximately 5 1/2 percent.

Boone had been elected to the seat in 2010 when he defeated the previous incumbent in a runoff. During most of his term, Boone also served as the board’s clerk.