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Tennie SloneJ-C Correspondent


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Superintendent Dixie Hurd

We are promoting a decorating contest for Valentine’s Day. Students are encouraged to decorate the halls. The student whose decoration is voted as the best will win a free lunch. Students who get their name in the bucket for the reading and math incentives at least 15 times between now and the end of April will be invited to a school sleep in.


Lee Webb, Veterans Representative, has announced that he will not, at this time, be keeping regular hours at the Wynona Town Hall. If veterans need his help, they can call 918-833-0685. He will be in Cleveland from 9-11 and Bartlesville from 1-3 on Mondays.


The Osage Home Health has been coming to Wynona Town Hall for quite some time now to take Blood Pressure and Blood Sugars. She comes on the first of the month or the first day that follows if the first comes on a weekend. This is a good thing for Wynonans, even if they take their readings at home, one can come to Town Hall and verify that their personal readings are correct. We appreciate the Osage Home Health for helping out our town!


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation sent the Town of Wynona a letter recently stating that the Welcome to Wynona signs on both ends of town were not in compliance with their statutes and regulations. The sign on the north end was too close to the school (although it had the school’s mascot, the yellowjacket on it), and both signs were out of compliance.

In order for the town to keep the signs, an application must be made, the signs must be a certain size and the information must be in compliance with their rules. Also, annual permit fees for the signs would have to be paid, if the signs were even approved. It was decided to just remove the signs to eliminate further hassle.

It is so sad that small towns cannot catch a break on something so simple as a sign welcoming people to our town and displaying the school mascot.


The Wynona Board of Trustees met for the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 20. In addition to regular business, the board approved to make the final payment to the contractors on the water line project after they come and clean up the ditches that were messed up in the work project.

Ernie Jackson with J C & Sons, the town trash hauling service, addressed the Board concerning the fact that his company had not received the 50 cent per year increase that the contract called for. He also stated that there were a lot of people putting their trash in barrels or containers that were causing the bags to rip as they pulled them out, spilling trash all over, also people are just throwing trash all over the ground, mountains of trash behind the town hall. Jackson suggested to the Board that all town residents have a polycart. His proposal was that he would provide all residents with polycarts, and he would bring in the big 22 yard roll off dumpsters twice a month(that we usually get for clean up, once or twice a year).

The board approved the proposal, due to the fact that many Wynona residents had expressed that they would gladly pay more on the monthly trash bill to have the roll offs here more often so that they could dispose of larger trash items. So the bottom line on the trash is; everyone will have a polycart, the trash will be increased to $12.49, and the large dumpsters will be here year round. For those who have more than one polycart, the cost for two is $16.26 per month. Jackson also promised that barring catastrophes, he would not raise the rates for 5 years.

Also, there will be no more dumping behind the town hall, since the dumpsters will be across from the town hall on the south side of the street. This is for Wynona residents only. If anyone is caught dumping who cannot show a utility bill, citations can be issued.

Attending the meeting were; Linda Ware, Tom Stephens, Donna Swanner, Tosha Greenleaf, Ryan Carter, Della Carter, Nancy Deatherage, Loretta Little, Johnnie Lott, Ernie Jackson, Richard and Sandra Byrd, Darrel Stone, Janet Delaney and Tennie Slone.


Wynonans are sad to hear of the loss of a very sweet lady, Freda Campbell. Freda passed away Wednesday, Jan. 21. Everyone who knew Freda will always remember her happy smiles and laughter. We will all miss Freda, condolences to all her many friends and family!

Wynonans are also sad to hear of the loss of Cathy Collins, who passed away last week. She was a sweet lady and friendly to everyone. We will all miss Cathy!

Wynonans are also sad to hear of the loss of John Schroeder, who passed away Monday. John was a good man and always had something nice to say to everyone. We will all miss John!